Max Diamond Slots

If you like things that look back to simpler times and have a low key but inviting look to them, then this classic slot is going to be right up your alley and take you back down memory lane. It’s not the prettiest or the brightest but it’s the most interesting for slot fans that are used to bigger and higher production value slots as it’s so different from the standard fair today. With great winners and quick gameplay and a tight focus, it’s a great time for people that like to keep it simple.

About the Game

This game is known for sky high maximum bets in a retro style with fast flipping reels. It’s got a bonus round or two, and comes to you from a company many won’t be familiar with. Alongside of that, it also has a decent following online and is 5th in popularity right now on the site. The stylish look harkens back to the Sin City comics, as well as the movies. It has a graphic novel or old school animation look, like something plugged from the past, in a good way. It also resembles some of the old advertising art you’d see in shows like Mad Men.

Slot Game Developer

FlipLuck isn’t as widely known as some of the other big providers but is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to maximum bets and sky high winnings! They’re known for low key things that pay out massively. It’s a great formula in our book, and we love that we can plop down $1000 without worrying about having to spin forever to hit that number.

Demo Play

With a game that lets you bet your life savings within an hour, you would want to get a feel for it first to avoid losing it all with a frown. This game automatically starts at the demo mode so you can play and enjoy the mechanics before you commit. We recommend everyone start here to avoid getting in over your head too quickly.


The theme here is classic slots, giving it a retro look on top of that. If you have seen the film Sin City, it’s a similar look, only with things slots closer to Vegas are used to having. It stands out visually, and will linger on in your memory for how noir and dark it all is while still looking classy. Of the different themes we’ve seen for slots, this is definitely in our top pics because of how stylish and unique it looks. Not many games take the look from the 20s and run with it, making it stand out among the crowd.

Game Design

They put everything around the high maximum bet here, so the rest of it is trying to keep you glued and not feeling too bad as the betting amounts pile up and your winnings roll in. Nothing else about the game, aside from the bonus round, is out of the ordinary. It’s all about immersion and keeping you in your seat.

It has the usual 5 reels for you to bet on, and a high 50 lines to bet on.

Bonus Round

There are two bonus rounds here in total. There’s the Free Spins Feature, which lets you get all of your free spinning joy in any time it comes up. After that is the standard bonus round, which gives you multipliers and things like that. They’re both nice though they’re not anything to write home about. That they exist at all is welcome and appreciated, however, with a game having a $1k maximum bet.

Of the two, we prefer the standard bonus round.

Slot Game Rating

This is the 5th most popular game on the site, though it’s always going to be in the top 3 in our book for the great winnings potential and unmatched style. It’s also got a cult following for that reason, between the style and the extreme payouts and things like that. For winnings, it has the standard 97%ish return to player, meaning that if you play long enough, that’s the chance you have of winning something, though we can’t promise what it’ll be or whether it’ll be a jackpot or anything like that. It’s just a guarantee that things are fair and you’ll be sure not to get your money stolen or anything like that.

Play for Fun

If you don’t want to break the bank, you’re more than welcome to play for fun and enjoy everything in demo mode without having to lose any of your retirement account. It’s still fun to play and look at regardless of money being on the table, which makes it a great time for anyone looking for a more arcade experience. Starting off for fun is the best way to get acquainted with the mechanics before jumping in with bigger amounts.

Play for Real Money

If you’re bold enough to risk it all, betting real money is the way to go and it’ll give you plenty of money to invest to retire early and live the good life. You should get used to the mechanics first, but from there, using your deposit bonuses and otherwise, we recommend hitting the ground running by putting your crypto down. Crypto is the way to go in our book when making the deposits for playing with real money.

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

The game looks gorgeous on any device because it’s mostly black and white with a tint off from there. This makes it easy to look great at all manner of resolutions, and we haven’t seen a device that it looked bad on yet. Alongside that, you can also be sure it’ll work over any network connection, with no stability issues if you’re on iPad, iPhone, or Android, and whatever comes after things. We recommend the iPhone the most or any mobile device to win on the go.