Mystic Chief Slots

This game is one of the few that takes Native American culture more seriously and makes it look epic and fun. It’s a celebration of everything you’d see in America, with Natives alongside that, kind of being a Team America meets Native Americans in looks. It also has sky high pay lines, having more than you’re likely to see anywhere else. Add to that the 3 different bonus rounds, and you have a compelling package that’s hard to compete with. It’s fun, memorable, pretty, and profitable.

About the Game

A great looking game from a developer you don’t see too many titles from that is among the best they’ve ever done. They tend to have large bets and sky high numbers of lines and high production values, rounding out a fairly complete package. They also didn’t cheap out on the things to match, there not being any playing cards or anything like that, it all being high quality artwork and things of that nature.

Slot Game Developer

Pragmatic Play is a game developer few have heard of but many enjoy and hold in high regard. They haven’t made as many games as others, but the ones they do tend to pack a punch and be memorable and hard to forget. They’re not as big as Real Time Gaming or the other heavy hitters, but they’re a solid lower level studio that has some hits.

Demo Play

The first time the game loads it’ll always be in demo mode, letting you get a feel for the look and amazing feel of the game. There isn’t anything about it that we would change in that regard. It going in demo as you begin is the way to go so you can enjoy the graphics first and figure out the bonus rounds and mechanics before diving into something heavier. After a while, when you’re ready, you can play with real money, once you’ve had time to enjoy what’s on offer for free.


Themes come and go but this one is going to linger in your mind long after you play it because of how unique it is. Many games have Native American elements to them because of Indian gaming in the United States. Few have them as celebrated and lavish as this one, however. It looks really great to see them celebrated in that way, having their cultural icons made larger than life, given epic color schemes, and it all looking like something you’d see in an actual arcade or something. It’s well above and beyond the usual fair you would see in something like a standard Vegas game on the strip or something, making use of the independent nature of online slots in a way we applaud.

Game Design

The game is a standard fair with 5 reels to bet on and higher betting amounts in $100. What sets it apart, however, are the 576 lines you can bet on, however. This is unusual and unheard of in the online slot realm, them being 25 or lower in most cases, and at most 50 or so. It’s also got a larger number of bonus rounds than average, having three to the standard game’s one or two. You can bet as much or as little as you’d like, from a penny to fifty cents a coin.

Bonus Round

The three bonus rounds here are seemingly coming up more often than in other titles, and have a tendency to pop up right when you need them! You have your standard free spins feature, moving on to the expanding wilds feature after that, and the random wilds feature on top of it. The free spins need no explanation. The rest, however, are unique. Expanding wilds make more things count as wilds, which is great. Random wilds can stack with that, and randomly makes existing things on the reels into wilds. Taken together, and you can match almost the entire board of reels if you’re lucky!

Slot Game Rating

This game looks great enough that it quickly rose up to be the 3rd most popular game on the site. It’s the most unique we’ve seen in a while, and has many bonus rounds, so there’s no wonder as to why. The fans of it tend to make it their home page!

Play for Fun

Standard to many games of this kind, you start off playing for fun in demo mode without the need for real money. This is the way to go if you aren’t confident yet in your slot going ability and want a chance to get used to how it looks and plays. We always start this way and use it as an arcade for a while before taking the plunge into betting real money and having a good time with that.

Play for Real Money

Real money is the ultimate destination for everyone that plays slots because let’s be real, it’s why we’re all here playing them. You can bet up to $100 each spin, making it fairly standard as far as games of this kind go. You don’t have to rush to bet, but just know that you can’t retroactively change your mind and have your free fun mode demo wins count as your real wins if you change your mind later. If you’re only betting even a penny, that’s better than the regret you’ll have when you’re seeing all the winnings you could have had rack up without your bank account going up accordingly.

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

You can play on any mobile device and have things go swimmingly. It looks great on the iPads and iPhones we tried, and when you play on Androids, it still looks great too. The network connection won’t affect your winnings, either, because of how little data the game actually uses, and the technology on the backend of things keeping it all together and running smoothly.