Reactoonz Slots

This was my first reaction upon viewing this slot game. It is a cartoonish slot with all emojis I would say. It is certainly different than any other slot I have played and reviewed. But this one really take’s the cake. Powered by Play ‘n Go, I think the designers of this slot game must have had a LOL day to think up this slot game. But I digress. Let’s get to the review.

Game Facts

Reactoonz is a 7x7 video grid of emoji eyes. You can really get bug-eyed playing this game. Anyway, the coin denominations range from 20 cents to $100, which would be the max bet. There is an Auto Play button that you can certainly take advantage of in this game. My goodness! Read the pay table so that you can understand how this game is played; view the symbols, payouts, and special features as well.

Reactoonz Symbols

It goes without saying that all these symbols are eye-popping, but can be circular, squared, diamond, or hourglass shaped. First, let’s introduce Gargantoon, a three-eyed monster with horns. On any non-winning spin, there is a chance for the Gargantoon to drop 4-8 wild symbols into the grid. If the quantum queue reaches the Gargantoon, the 3x3 sized monster appears as a wild and substitutes for all symbols. The Gargantoon divides and moves with each cascade. Fist it becomes a 2x2 wild symbol, then transforms into 9 individual wild symbols. As for the grid, the symbols drop down and do not spin as they do on regular slot reels.

The Quantum Leap

This charges up when you win. A random Quantum feature is added to the queue after winning on 25 symbols. Up to 4 Quantum features can be queued. If it is charged a fifth time, the Gargantoon feature will commence. When there are no more wins, the Quantum feature will be activated. Quantum features include: a yellow implosion, a blue incision, a red demolition, and a green alteration. Read the payable for the entire explanation of these symbols.

Giantoonz and Fluctuation

The explanation here is one you should read. Needless to say, there is a 2xs multiplier attached to this feature.

The Highest Symbol Payout

The Pink symbol, when appearing 15 times, pays out 1200 coins. However, when you get 5 or more matching symbols that are touching each other horizontally and/or vertically, the winning symbols are removed and replaced with new symbols.

Play Reactoonz Slots

If you like this sort of game and you will need to read all of the pay table information before you can begin to get on track with this game, we invite you to play Reactoonz at our recommended casinos.