Online Slot Machine and Real Casino Slot Machine

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As one who has played both online slot machines and real casino slot machines, it is clear to this observer that slot machines online offer the best rewards than its counterpart. One could make the argument that playing a real casino slot machine is far more exciting than playing slot machines online. And this may be true for some slot players who prefer the glitz and glamour associated with most land-based casinos.

For this observer, however, it seems that over the past five years the tendency to play real casino slot machines has waned. With the explosion of online casinos offering massive welcome bonuses, promotions, daily, weekly, and monthly rewards, it is clear that players can reap more benefits from playing slot machines online.

Online Slots Are More Rewarding

It is evident that the online casinos have taken a bite out of the real casinos’ revenue. This is evidenced by Harrah’s Entertainment Groups’ decision to launch an online casino. Perhaps the writing is on the wall and soon all major land-based casinos will play some role in affecting online gambling.

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Real Casino Slots Offer Little Bang for the Buck

When getting down to the crux of the matter, however, real casino slot machines are fun to play but they lack that certain something that only slot machines online can provide. Here are some examples. When was the last time you were able to play your slot machine of choice without having to wait for the person playing to leave? When was the last time a casino offered you an amazing welcome bonus just for becoming a member? Sure, casinos offer comps and perks, but when we are talking about real cash – online casinos outshine land-based casinos hands down. Can you honestly say that a real casino slot bonus can compare to those online slot machine bonuses? I doubt it. Software companies powering online casinos are so far advanced in providing consistent and quite frankly, out of this world bonus features, that it is difficult discuss them in equal terms.

Playing real casino slot machines is no longer the be all and end all of casino gambling. It is the thousands of slot machines at online casinos that have become the technological wonder of online gambling. With theme-based, interactive, animated slots attracting millions of online players, real casino slot machines have been thwarted by this new technology.

Yes, one could also argue that many of the real casino slot machines are just as advanced as those slot machines found online; and that may be true. But the idea of playing online slot machines from the comfort of one’s home, or utilizing the online casino’s mobile features is very appealing to players.

Online Slots Are the Wave of the Future

The land-based casinos of today do have a role to play, albeit entertainment. It seems to me that real casino slot machines take second place for those visiting Vegas, Reno, or casinos abroad. It is the entertainment that most attracts visitors to these casinos. Conversely, it is the welcome bonuses and promotions that have made the online casino industry a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with slot machines being the number one draw.

It is apparent that in this, the 21st century, where electronic gadgets and internet advances are the prime mode of communication; that perhaps the days of the real casino slot machine may soon become a remnant of the past. It is clear that the online slot machine of today has taken the lead role in the continued advancement of online casino technology. Thus, a new era of online gaming preferences has begun.