Robin Hood and His Merry Wins Slots

Robin Hood and His Merry Wins is a brand new game that is both classy and charming. The symbols are superb, and the payouts are lucrative. The slot is set in Sherwood Forest. The symbols are exquisitely designed to bring you the best game play in 3D. There is also a Mega Jackpot as well. Robin Hood is the wild symbol and is also a stacked wild. The cards are accompanied by pictures of Robin's Merry Men. There is also a Free Spins Symbol showing the castle.

About the Game

This game is all about Robin Hood reuniting with Maid Marion as he continues to rob from the rich to give to the poor. Meanwhile, Robin has to watch out for the Sheriff of Nottingham (remember him?) as well as King John. Along with his band of Merry Men and, of course, Maid Marion, they can achieve their goals as long as they stay hidden from the Sheriff.

Bonus Features

  • Robin Hood on the Mark
  • Hit the target and win! In this bonus round, there will be three multipliers behind each target, but Robin Hood only gets to shoot the arrow once. Your task will be to choose the target that you think he will hit and that has the biggest multiplier.
  • Marian's Prize Mini Game
  • In this game, there are several Wanted posters with Robin's picture. Your task here will be to rip the posters off the trees to find the wanted men. Note that the Sheriff's face is beneath one of these posters. Each time you locate one of Robin's merry men, you will advance to the next round. If you are able to unveil all give outlaws within the 5 levels of play, you will then get to the 6th level where Robin will take his multiplier award and climb up the tree to Marian. How romantic! At level 6, all wins will be multiplied by your total bet.
  • Free Spins Round
  • You will be awarded a max of 20 free spins if you get three or more Free Spin scatters on the reels. Unbelievably, day will turn into night and the free spins round will commence. Because it is night time, Robin doesn't have to hide from his nemesis and becomes a stacked wild on three reels.

Robin Hood and His Merry Wins Available for Mobile Play

Because this is a very popular game that most of us watched on TV, mobile users will also be able to play this game on their devices, specifically, their smart phones. The mobile version will allow for a better mobile experience by increasing base game activity that sustains the player in the base game, instead of relying on the 2nd screen bonus that may not be triggered in the shorter mobile play sessions. The game will increase the play time for the mobile market.

Play the New Robin Hood and His Merry Wins Slots

If you were a fan of the Robin Hood Series on TV, this new slot game will no doubt bring back many wonderful memories whether you play it on your PC or mobile device. Join us as we embark on a new and exciting slot game by playing Robin Hood and His Merry Wins Slots at our recommended casinos.