Satoshi's Secret Slots

At a time when Bitcoins are the hottest cryptocurrency in the world, Endorphina has come out with a really unique slot game whose theme IS about Bitcoins. This slot is digital in every way, but can be dizzying because it mainly consists of letters. However, this is a very lucrative slot game that can bring you a small fortune if you get the right combinations.

About the Game

There is a 12-page pay table for this game, and we highly recommend you read every page before you start playing. This is due to the fact that there are many special features in this game. As for the slot itself, it is definitely a high rollers game. There is an Auto Play button, and at the top window will convert to the payouts you receive when forming a winning combination. This is a 6-reel, 3-row, 20-line slot with a max of 10 coins at $200 per spin. The lower valued coins begin at one cent.

Playing the Game

The first page of the pay table is the all important page showing the symbols and payouts. The hooded figure will pay out 50,000 coins if you get all 6 of him; and 30,000 coins if you get all five. The Lock with a B on it is the Bonus symbol and will activate the Trading Bonus Round when you get all 4. There Wild icon symbol, a € symbol that will pay out 10,000 if you get all six, a £ symbol that pays out 30,000 coins if you get all six, and a $ symbol will pay out 10,000 if you get all six. There are Letter symbols that spell out the game QWERTY, and will pay out from 3000 coins to 2000 coins as per the pay table. All wins pay left to right and right to left. Line wins are multiplied by pet per line. When you win, you will also have the option to take your win or take a risk. The Spin button will have the Take Win sign on it. The Take Risk button is to the left of the Take Win.

Trading Bonus Round

When you get four or more Bitcoin symbols that will appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, it will trigger the Trading Bonus Round. You will be awarded 30xs your total bet that you can either collect or use for trading during the bonus game. The Trading Bonus game simulates currency exchange by changing currency values via 3x3 slot game. If you don't want to risk your winnings during this bonus game, and then click on the take your profit button before beginning the feature and collect your credits.

The Trading Bonus Game

To play this game, you must choose your strategy by pressing on the Rise or Fall buttons that are located next to each currency symbol present, i.e., Dollar, Euro, and Pound. Once your strategy is chosen it cannot be changed till the end of the bonus game. When the game begins, the currency symbols will appear in a 3x3 slot and will increase or decrease currency value to 1x or 2xs your total bet depending upon the symbol type. Currency symbols will pay out as scatter symbols. You must stop trading by pressing Auto Deal and Take Profit when you think the market reaches its highest, or you can keep trading until you have enough credits to do so. This round will end if your earned profit hits zero.


Please continue to read the other 9 pages of the pay table as it contains more information and rules of the game. This is a very very lucrative slot game, so you will want to know all the facts before you play. I especially advise you to practice play this game before you play for real money. As slots go, this one really has an overflow of icing on the cake.