Striker Fortune Slots

In one of the most unusual games I’ve ever reviewed, Striker Fortune Slots has a soccer theme and is designed by Waterlogic now called Crypto Logic. (I think I am becoming a pro at this game or, at least reviewing them!)) Upon first view, there are 15 players on the field (This is the start of the Bonus Game). In the background is the scoreboard and on either sign are the cheering fans.

About the Game

There is an Auto Play button for your convenience. There are two information pages, none of which show a pay table as we are used to. One gives you the Odds of the Game, and the other gives you the General Rules of the game. It would be to your advantage to read them both.

Playing the Game

You will be asked to select a home and away team based upon the flags shown. The 5x3 pitch will consist of players from either team or the Trophy symbol. Although there are no traditional lines, you will be able to connect reels 1 and 5 in 99 ways. We suggest you read the general rules to determine what the rest of the rules are. When you make your first spin, the players fall from above the slot onto the field. They begin to pass soccer balls around the field attempting to kick them in the net. Any winnings you make you based on the goal differential between you and the slot machine. You can win up to 500xs your bet playing this game. There is a Training Ground Bonus game that will not drop any opposing players on the other team, giving you greater potential for making goals.

The Odds Table

The first information will show the complete odds for playing this game. If the home team wins, the odds shown in the table will be paid out. Note that the highest pay out odds is 500:1 if the home team wins by 8. The odds then recede depending upon the score.

The Training Ground Bonus Game

When you get three scatter Trophy symbols, the Training Ground Bonus game will commence. In this game, all 15 players from opposing teams are on the field. As one hits the soccer ball to the other and the other, the soccer ball makes its way to the net. Prizes are awarded based upon how many soccer balls you can get into the net. Prizes can be awarded with either 1xs, 2xs, or 3xs multiplier.

Pass it Forward

The Bonus game is fun, and the payouts are okay, but you really have to get used to this very unique game. But hey, if you are a soccer fan, you’ll find the way.