Select Slot Tournaments at WinADay Casino

WinADay Casino is currently hosting some dynamite tournaments and nothing is stopping you from winning the cash prizes as soon as you sign up and enter. All tournaments are announced in advance so you will have plenty of time to join them and win. The top ten winners of each tournament will take the cash and prizes. WinADay Casino regularly runs slot tournaments. Many are free to enter and the prizes are still very generous. All you have to do is enter to play and win. Even new players are welcome to join. Each tournament will use a different slot game so you will always be able to play one of your favorites while competing with other players. Keep your eye on the leader board to see your rank. You can play as many games as you would like. Winners are the ones that have the highest scores at the end of the tournament. Every player has 100 rounds to gain the most points in each tournament.