Free Online Slot Tournaments Win Real Money

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The question of the day is can you win real money playing free slot tournaments? The answer is a qualified yes. Let's use the New Tournament Lobby at Lincoln Casino as an example. They have upgraded this section to accommodate their players. Also known as the Tournament Lobby, like its sister casino Liberty Slots, Lincoln has created a new way for players to view the scheduled tournaments. While all of their information from ID to Prize Pool (named Purse at Lincoln) is the same, green boxes represent each tournament. When players see a red box at the top of the green box, this means the match has ended. The tournament games are the same, i.e., featured, Free Rolls, Slots, Video Poker, and Table Games.

What are the Free Online Slot Tournaments for Real Money at Lincoln?

They are all listed in the schedule of tournaments. Click on Free Rolls, the word for free slot tournaments, and the Free Roll schedule will appear. Here players will find the same information as Liberty Slots. There are three exceptions. Lincoln shows the tournament ended by using the red box at the top of the match below. They also offer the number of participants and the current leaders of the game.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Free Online Slot Tournaments?

Yes indeed. All free slot tournaments have Purses, meaning real money wins. Here is an example of a current free slot tournament for real money:
  • ID: 50902
  • Game of the Day
  • Info, Fees, and Leaders.
  • Game: Dolphin King
  • Purse: $100.00
  • Entry Fee: $0.00
  • Rebuy Fee: $2.00
  • Starts: Jul 05, 10:00 PM
  • Participants: 622

  • Here is an example of a tournament that just ended:
  • ID 50931
  • Daily Free Spins
  • Info, Fees, and Leaders
  • Game: Monte Magic
  • Purse: $100.00
  • Entry Fee: $0.00
  • Rebuy Fee: $1.00
  • Starts: Jul 03, 09:30 PM
  • Ends: Ended
  • Participants: 6,300

Are the Purses Always the Same?

No, they can range from ten cents to $100 to $300. Seriously, here is an example:

  • ID: 51029
  • Tournament Name: Client Free Roll
  • Info, Fees, and Leader
  • Game: Down The Drain
  • Purse: $0.10
  • Entry Fee: $0.00
  • Rebuy Fee: $0.00
  • Starts: Jun 28, 12:00 PM
  • Ends: 18h 9m
  • Participants: 127
  • While this tournament was closed, perhaps for non-participation, you can see that the Purse is laughable.

How Do I Register for a Free Online Slot tournament at Lincoln Casino?

Click on the person icon to the far right of the tournament schedule. After you register, the orange R indicates you are ready to enter the tournament to win real money.