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We hope so, as this could be a cool way to pick up an extra prize if you're looking for more ways to find some winnings. We'll guide you through what you can expect to see in the tournament lobby at Liberty Slots Casino. There is way more there than most players would believe, especially if they're new to the casino. Are you ready to find out all you should know before you play?

Tourneys are major news at Liberty Slots

Just as you know how cool this casino is at delivering slots, table games, video poker, and everything else you might look for at a dynamic online casino, you should also know about their tournaments. You'll find a link to the area in the menu, so you can take just one hop from the home page to find them.

There are so many tournaments to look at, they give you lots of headings to make it easier to reach the ones you most want to play. And yes, there are tourneys for each of the major gaming areas:

  1. Slots
  2. Video poker
  3. Table games

You can never guarantee how many events will crop up for each game type, but we can't remember the last time we found an empty category. We doubt it happens at all!

Select the person icon to register

You must have an account at Liberty Slots to enter any tournament, but this is simple enough to complete. You can also claim a welcome deal when you sign up.

Visit the tourney page and look for the person icon to the right of the information on each line. Click or tap on the one you want to enter and follow any instructions that pop up. Make sure you only do this for tournaments that have plenty of time to run. You don't want to get involved if they're about to end.

Free roll tournaments at Liberty Slots

These are the ideal ones to go for as a beginner to tournament action. They give you a chance to play for prizes in addition to the standard ones for your chosen game. Most tournaments have a buy-in fee but that's not the case with free rolls - hence the name.

Winner takes all or multiple prizes?

Various tournaments vary in the way they award prizes at the end. Some have one prize to give to the winner. This is the so-called winner takes all tournament. Others may have multiple prizes - maybe three, five, or even 10 if the prize pot is bigger.

You can find out the prize potential of any tournament before you register to play in it. This gives you far more information to go on, so you can decide which tourney is going to work for you.

Buy into a tourney to see bigger prize pools

This is worth checking out because the bigger the pool, the bigger the prizes are… and you may well see more of them too. If you're ready to try a tourney at Liberty Slots, visit the tournaments page to find out all you need to know.