Free Slots Tournaments

Depending on which casinos you visit on the internet, you may already have come across a series of tournaments at certain sites. While you can find tournaments based around table games such as keno and blackjack, you'll often see the bulk of the events revolve around slot games.

Casinos know that the slots are always the best-loved and most played games in their lobby. So, it makes sense for us to find plenty of free slots tournaments to enter as well. Let's find out why you might want to try entering some.

They are hugely popular and easy to find

While some casinos don't have tournament action to offer, plenty do. Lincoln Casino is one such site, and you'll find plenty more free tourneys for slot players at Liberty Slots Casino as well.

Once you know where to go and how to find the events you want to play, it doesn't take long to spot the best events and to keep up with when they're happening.

Are these tourneys really free?

Yes, although it is vital that you understand what we mean by the word free. In this case, it means you are getting free access to take part in the event. You still need to formally enter the tournament, but the casino won't charge you anything for doing so.

You do need a budget to play the slot though. This means you'll play the real version, and you need to bet on each spin you make. The free part is free entry to play that slot as part of the tournament.

How big is the prize purse for each event?

It varies from one tournament to another. The paid tournaments do tend to have higher prize pots as they have monies taken from the entry fees. This doesn't happen with the free-to-enter events, although you can still expect prize pots to be in the hundreds of dollars. Some may even go higher than that.

Could you scoop a decent prize on top of regular slot prizes?

This is the idea and the hope. The challenge is to go for prizes in the slot game itself, while also trying to rank for prizes on the leaderboard. It means you could walk away with another prize if you do manage to come somewhere on that leaderboard by the end of the event.

If you're interested, you can view the latest list of free roll tourneys today. We can guide you toward the best and most exciting ones of all. If you haven't taken part in a tournament before, this is another way to play your favorite slot games and have some extra winning chances too.