The excitement of the craps tournament

The game of Craps is one of the most exciting, and yet one of the easiest to play, of all casino games. After all, if you can throw a couple of dice, you can play craps.

What separates the successful craps players from the unsuccessful ones, of course, is proper betting strategy and knowing when to play and when to sit it out.Tournament play makes an exciting game even more exciting, and craps tournaments are a favorite with gamblers of all ages and abilities. In the typical craps tournament , all entrants are required to pay an entrance fee, usually around $250. Some of this entrance fee is put into the prize pots which will be distributed to the winners of the tournament.The tables at which tournament participants play are selected at random, and each player is provided with an arbitrary number.

The game of craps is played according to the rules of the game, with between 12 and 14 players assigned to each table. One round of the game is played each hour, and when that hour is up whichever player has the dice is permitted to finish the roll. The round ends when that last shoot is done.The players are required to keep their chips in front of them, sorted by denomination, on their racks.

As with blackjack tournaments, there is a minimum bet, usually $5, and the maximum bet is generally capped at $500. For proportional bets, like hard way 4, hard way 6, hard way 8, hard way 10, 7, ace, ace-deuce and 11, there is usually a limit of $25. As is standard in hi-lo blackjack tournaments , the winner of the first round goes on to round 2, but in some cases both the winner and the second place finisher may go on to the next round. Each player is provided with a receipt for his or her chips, and those chips can be cashed out at the end of eh round. Along the way, there are cash prizes which are awarded to the players. The rules of the craps tournament are simple to understand and easy to remember - keep your chips in sight, keep your hands off the table, and have fun.

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