Walking Death Slots

Spooky, eerie, and with a background at night with only the moon casting some light on this slot game, Walking Death Slots is truly an amazing slot game ideal for All Hallow’s Eve. This 3D slot has some of the most awesome symbols that are rich in color, despite the fact they are deathly. You can play this game at our recommended casinos, but we would suggest you keep the lights on in your home when playing.

About the Game

To describe this game in the right frame of mind, I borrowed this description from one of our best sites: “The graphics on this slot are brutally clear, rendering every gory detail in 3D clarity, including the moving Grim Reaper (who stands to the right of the slot), complete with scythe lying in wait beside the reels….. will you be able to survive the night of the undead?” This is as succinct as one can get when describing this game.

Playing the Game

The traditional buttons are at the bottom of the slot, including the Auto Play. To read the all important pay table, click on the question mark located at the bottom left. This is a 2-page pay table in which you will find all the symbols (no cards!), payouts, and special features. There are two symbols you should look out for. The first is the Wild symbol, which substitutes for all other symbols except the Bonus symbol. The Bonus symbol is the Tombstone and will trigger the bonus game. The highest paying symbol is the fiery hat. Get all 5 to win 1200 coins. Also, get 5 fiery Pumpkins to win 1200 coins. You will also notice that this is not a high value game.

The Bonus Game

Luckily for me, I got three tombstones on the second try. Here you will be taken to a second screen where you will see 5 coffins. Inside each coffin is a skeleton. Each skeleton has a number. This number represents the amount you will win. After the round is over, four laughing skulls appear with the amount won. In my case I won 85 coins. Not a heck of a lot to get excited about, but a win nonetheless. You can collect the win by click on the red Take button at the bottom right, which is also the Start button. In fact, after each win, you can Take your wins or you can Risk them. I won 900 coins, and decided to risk that amount. To do so I had to play a 5 card gamble game. I won 28,800 as a result. Not bad!

The Normal and the Wilded

In Walking Death Slots, there is an option you can take that we’ve never seen before. At the bottom of the slot, you will see Normal over Wilded. The Wilded play will double your chances of getting additional wilds on the reels. But, if you decide to bet the max, the wilded mode will require a 1000 max bet per spin instead of 500 using the normal mode. So I gave it a go. Frankly, I am not thrilled with this option. The payouts ranged from 5 coins to 50 coins. In my opinion, it’s not worth it.


Although this game has a very high wager amount of $500 per spin, I wouldn’t attempt to bet this amount. I would stick with a lower amount such as $5 per spin. Since this slot only has 9 lines, it is worth it to ante up higher bets each time you win.