Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

And what an adventure this game is! There are slot games that cover the gamut from A to Z, but Cubee: The Travel Adventure Slots is an anomaly. We do recommend you play this game only for the simple reason that it is so unusual that it defies explanation.

About the Game

The setting is a land of cubes/cubees with swirls and geometric shapes on their top sides. Cubee is a game that doesn’t have pay lines or reels, but simply a Blue Energy Ball that is in the center of the slot. To the right is a Happy Orange Cubee, and to the left is a Stone Age Pirate Cubee Rocco. At the top of the slot, you will find four icons. What they are for is something I will discuss later in this game. At the bottom you will find familiar buttons and no so familiar buttons/features. Just below the Orange Cubee is the small “I” icon so that you can access the pay table. For heaven’s sake, PLEASE read the pay table before you playing this game. Underneath the “I” are four circular lights. Beneath them are the following: the Win window; a Coin Up symbol (this is a new feature wherein it tells you that your win progress is being saved); the Spin button; AutoPlay; and Bet. Below the Win window is a multiplier that ranges from 1xs to 3xs. Now let’s quickly get to the pay table to describe this very strange game. Cubee will travel through time from the Stone Age to the era of Piracy and finally to the Viking age passing from one era to another when defeating his arch enemy.

How to Play the Game

Click on the Spin button to have the Time Travel Portal spew out a combination of floating enemies, weapons, and energy balls. Cubee can defeat any enemy with a lower or equal strength level. Cubee’s default strength level for each game round is 1. Every energy ball that comes out of the Time Travel Portal will power up Cubee’s strength by 1 level. Each energy ball counts as a defeated enemy. Weapons will reduce Rocco’s health. When Rocco is defeated, Cubee will transition to the next era. Hmmmmmm. The strength level can be seen as the four lights at the bottom of the slight light up. The 5-page pay table begins with some of the characters and their payouts. There is the Blue Energy Ball, and the Cubees Spike, Lucifer, Casper, and Bones. To the right of these symbols are the payouts. Get any eight of these symbols to win the top prize of 40 coins. The payouts then descend to 3 of any symbol in which you would receive a payout of 0.5 coins.

Free Spins and Multipliers

Free Spins can be collected in the era of Piracy every time a Cannon symbol appears. While multipliers can be accumulated in the Viking Age every time a Bow and Arrow symbol appears. Free spins will be played at multiplier accumulated when Cubee reaches Cubeeland, and the bet amount used throughout the three stages of this game. In Cubeeland, where Rocco cannot set foot, no weapons will come out of the portal and this will increase your chances of getting higher paying winning combinations.

Rules of the Game

Please be sure to read the Rules of the Game on the last page of the pay table.

Three Devil Symbols Take You to an Oasis

Once I got three Devil symbols, I was taken to an island with beautiful palm trees on white sand, and a Pirate ship in the distant waters. Remember those 4 icons at the top of the game. The Happy Face icon lit up and underneath was the number 1. The spin button also turned into a Pirate button. Oh, and by the way, I also got 4 Stone Age bats that knocked out the Pirate standing to the right. Now the one-eyed pirate is really getting angry as one of the symbols just whacked him over the head with a sword. After getting 3 Cannon symbols, the number at the top left changed to 4; then I got 4 Cannon symbols and they shot at the boxed number which changed to 8. Then, surprisingly, Rocco ate the Devil and I won RM2000.00! When I got 3 and 4 cannons in three spins, the Pirate to the right was knocked down, the number changed to 17, and I was in a new era – the Viking era.

Play Cubee: The Travel Adventure Slots

Honestly, at first I thought this was a very strange and atypical game. But having played it for 30 minutes, I can tell you that it is a lucrative game despite not having any reels or pay lines, and it is somewhat of a hoot to play. Therefore, I highly recommend you play Cubee: The Travel Adventure Slots at our recommended casinos.