Wildcano Slots

Wildcano Slots by Red Tag is one slot game you must play. It is so unique with its orbital reels and unlike other slots, has never been designed in such a manner. The premise behind this game is a Volcano which, by the way, is in the center of the orbital reels. Moreover, you can win - Now HEAR THIS – up to 20 MILLION coins!!!

Game Facts

Wildcano is a 3-reel, 12-payline slot. The configuration is 2 vertical, 2 horizontal, and 4 diagonal. Only those symbols that land on the pay lines will pay out. With each spin, symbols are burned by the heat of the center volcano and forming new ones from the ashes. The coin sizes range from 80 coins to 200,000 coins. Yep, this is a high rollers game if ever we saw one. But the payouts are ridiculously high, so it is fitting that the betting is just as high. There is an Auto Spin you can use at any time. We highly recommend you read the multi-page payable as it will explain this unique game on each page.

The Pay Table

The symbols in Wildcano consist of the following: a Panther – which, when you get all 6, will win you 20 million coins; a diamond, get all 6 to win 12 million coins; a red 7, get all 6 to win 9 million coins; these are following by pears, pineapples, bananas, and cards.

The Magma

Two randomly chosen pay lines will be filled with lava, burning its symbols and replacing them with a random symbol that will always reward a win.


The volcano will randomly burst Pyroclasts that change to wilds where they land.


During any spin, an Earthquake can occur on the reels after a no-win spin rotating 1, 2, or 3 of them to give you a second chance to win. These reels can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.


After a spin is over, the symbols in no win pay lines are sacrificed to the volcano while new symbols will appear in their place.

Bonus Symbol

Three Bonus symbols scattered in pay lines will activate the free spins round. Moreover, the volcano will burst yet again an undetermined number of Bonus symbols top increase the amount of free spins you receive.

Six in a Row

You can get 6 symbols of the same kind in a row in two pay lines on both sides of the volcano. There are 4 six in a row combinations as mentioned earlier.

Play the New Wildcano Slots

This is one of the most outrageous (in a good way) slots we’ve ever seen. It boggles the mind as to the 20 million coin payout you can receive playing this game. Moreover, the symbols’ payouts are unbelievable. As we said in the opening of this review, this is a MUST PLAY slot game, and we invite you to play it at our recommended casinos.