Jackpot Gagnant Slots

Okay, you’re probably wondering what a gagnant is. It means winner. Playing Jackpot Gagnant Slots will make you a winner as it is a very diverse slot game with plenty of chances to win. This is a very unique slot game, and one you have to play for fun before you go on to play for real money.

About the Game

As you can see at the top of the slot, the highest number of coins you can win is 10,000. That is, if you get all three girls on the reels. Even if you don’t get all five, you can still win a handsome sum from 400 to 1600 coins with two to four girls on the reels. This classic slot game is easy to play, but it has a very interesting feature as well. The traditional symbols are shown at the stop of the slot. But here’s the twist. At the bottom of the slot you will see a Collect Button, a Transfer Button, Bet Button, Head of the girl on a coin, and Tails of the girl on a coin, Met Bet, and Spin. Above the Spin button, you will see a row of coins. This is the special feature part of the game.

Playing the Game

We have already explained and you can see from the payable how much you can win playing this game. But here’s the surprise. When you spin and win, the Transfer button will light up and the coins are highlighted from left to right. The head and tail buttons will also flash on and off as well. Now if you decide to transfer your money to see if you can win on the heads or tails section, all you have to do is to choose one. Then the highlighted coins will stop on either heads or tails; and you can win or lose. You also have another option. If you win big (I hit all grapes for 300 coins betting the max) and decided not to risk that many coins, so I hit the Collect button. Of course, you can play the heads/tails game to see if you can win more. And if you win, you can keep on playing this extra game as long s you are winning.

Play Jackpot Gagnant Slots

This is fun game to play, although after a while it can become a bit tedious. But getting the heads or tails win does keep you going. In addition, you are also vying to win the 10,000 coins. Join me to play Jackpot Gagnant Slots at our recommended casinos.