Roaring Forties Slots

I have always said that if I had to live my life over again, I would want to live in the 40’s. To see the great bands live such as Glenn Miller and the Dorseys, Frank Sinatra and all the fabulous singers, actors, and actresses. Oh, what a time I would have. It was the age of innocence. As a baby boomer, I missed it all by several years. In any case, when I opened Roaring Forties Slots I have to say I was shocked. Its theme is fruits, and along with the fruits are classic symbols. Well, let’s get to it then.

Game Information

This is a very very simple slot game to play. The symbols are large enough so you can see them clearly; there is an Auto Play button you can utilize at any time, and there is a gamble game as well that you can play at any time during the main game. Okay, now that I am on the pay table information page, I will probably kick myself in the rear because I was shocked to see the incredible payouts in this game.

Symbol Payouts: Are You Ready for This?

Get all 5 golden 7s to win 50,000 coins. Get all five bells to win 15,000 coins. Get all five watermelons to win 10,000 coins. Get all five plus and oranges to win 5000 coins. But – and I am ready to kick myself – get all five scatter STAR symbols to win one million coins. Excuse me, I have to get up for a sec. Okay, I’m back. Wow! That hurt. Anyway, the Roaring 40s Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols to form winning combinations. It does not substitute for the scatter symbol. Who would – it’s worth a million bucks!

Believe it or Not – That’s the Game! Is that all there is? What, you want more?

Play Roaring Forties Slots

This classic slot game is beyond belief. A million dollars can be won? I still can’t believe it! Okay players, listen up. The max bet is worth every penny if you can bag the million dollars. So run as fast as you can to our preferred casino and play Roaring Forties Slots. And good luck!