World Leaders Slots

World Leaders Slots is a brand new slot game from Arrow's Edge. It is one of the most awesome slot games we've seen, and offers players from the US a chance to earn very high payouts due to the fact that it has not one but three progressive jackpots. There are a myriad of bonus features including three wilds and a fabulous bonus round you won't want to miss. World Leaders is truly a game for global players and we highly recommend you join our recommended casino to play this new and exciting slot game.

Game Facts

World Leaders Slots is a 5-reel, 18-payline progressive bonus video slot. There are three jackpots: Cash Grab Jackpot, Mystery Jackpot, and Super Slots Jackpot. The coin size ranges from 36 cents to 252.00 per spin. It is a fast paced slot game. On my first spin I won $1610.00 which goes to show you how fast and furious the payouts will emerge. We definitely advise you to read the pay table as it contains all the information you need to play the game successfully. The pay table allows you to scroll down to read the contents as opposed to flipping through pages. To read the pay table, click on the question mark located at the lower left hand corner of the slot machine. There is no Auto Play in this game.

Global Symbols

There are four important symbols in this game: The Red Telephone is the bonus symbol; the Crown is the first wild symbol, followed by the Bear wild symbol and the Eagle wild symbol. Other symbols of note include: The Queen of England, The Russian Prime Minister, and rulers from India, China, the Middle East, as well as three Gold Coins with the red letter A, K symbol, Newspaper with the red letter J, and Q symbol.

Wild Leaders Feature

This feature is perhaps the most exciting of all features in this game. As stated earlier, there are three wilds. After you spin the reels 25 times, the wild mode will be randomly selected. After the 25 spins have been completed, and before the next round of 25 spins begin, a Spinning Wheel (which is actually a Globe), will appear in the middle of the reels. You will be asked to click on it. When you do, a new wild will be introduced to the game. The Wheel will stop on the following countries along with the number of wilds for each country: UK will have one wild; Russia will have two wilds; and the US will have three wilds.

The Wilds

The UK Crown symbol will duplicate itself into another position on the reels. The Russian wild will allow the player to receive a free set of re-spins. After each spin, the wild will move one space to the left. As long as the wild is on screen, the player will continue to garner the re-spins. The US wild will only appear on reel 3. It will expand horizontally and vertically to form a cross. Then all of the symbols within the cross pattern will become wild.

Find Your Ally Bonus Round

When you get three or more scatter symbols, you will activate this bonus round. Here, 12 differed Red Phones will be shown. Each phone will connect to one of 4 leaders. Each of these leaders offers a different prize and will be paid off when the leader is called. Your prizes will accumulate with each call. After a leader is contacted three times the bonus round will end.

Play the New World Leaders Slots

This game is beyond anything we have reviewed in the last year. It is comprehensive, offering a myriad of ways to win huge amounts. It has three jackpots, three wild symbols, and a bonus round that is sure to please. Play World Leaders Slots at our preferred casinos.