Costume Party Slots

The introduction to Costume Party Slots will tell you a lot about the game. It is one of the most hysterical games I’ve played to date. In addition, in the introduction you will see how the reels or non-reels will work. They will spin sideways! Now that’s clever! I urge you to play this slot game at our preferred casinos. I promise this slot will make your day.

About the Game

Costume Party is a 3-reel slot that consists of characters who are dressed completely wrong. That is to say that the costumes they are wearing do match who they are, so it is your job to do it. Before you begin play, you will be asked to choose one of three characters. Please be sure to read the 4-page pay table as it will explain this game in its entirety. You will see the symbols, payouts, special features, and rules of the game. One more thing, you are going to absolutely love the characters they have inserted in this game, many of whom you will no doubt recognize. There is an Auto Play button you may want to use, but this game is so much fun, you may just hold on until you get a win.

Playing the Game

As mentioned earlier, when you choose one, two, or three of the characters, they will become activated. I absolutely recommend you choose 3. The activated characters will pay out huge sums. The Ape is the wild symbol, or at least the body of the Ape. You can’t have a party without guests, right? You will see their names in the pay table. Now when you see these characters in the pay table, they are grayed out until your first spin. At this point you will have to match the correct head, body and legs to a character in order for that character to light up in the pay table. This is a 3-coin max slot with a $45 per spin max bet. But again, there are very low denominations you can utilize. The Monster is the highest paying character but not in the way you think. If you can dress him up correctly, you can win 5400 coins with the max bet.


Once again, I highly recommend you play Costume Party as this is one of the most hilarious slots I’ve played. So much so that I have put this on my favorites list.