Pistols & Roses Slots

Frankly, I don’t understand the title of this slot game. Why not name it Hearts and Roses? I hate guns and this slot game is counter to what I would personally enjoy playing. This is a classic full screen slot with its own 3-page pay table. The slot itself has a background of grainy gray and there are card suits which is okay in this game.

About the Game

Pistols & Roses is a 3-reel 1-payline slot with a 10-coin max equal to $30 per spin. You can use the lower denominations as well. The Pay Table buttons are on either side of the top of the slot. There is an Auto Play button as well as the Win window showing your winds along with the multipliers for each win. I do recommend you read the pay table as it is important to know about all the symbols, payouts, and any special features.

Playing the Game

The Card Suit symbols pay out 3xs your bet, as do the Pistols, Chamber, and Bullets. The Pistols are the highest paying symbol of 210 coins. If you get the Pistols, Chamber and Bullets in any order you will win 15 coins. But if you do get them in this order: bullets, chamber and pistols, you will win 30 coins.

The Scatter Payout

The 7s are the scatter symbol and if you get all three you will win 360 coins with a 3xs multiplier; get two and receive 12 coins with a 2xs multiplier; and get one to receive 6 coins with a 1xs multiplier.

The Wild Rose

The Rose symbol has a 2xs multiplier when one appears in a winning combination. If you get all three, you will win 1500 coins with a 3xs multiplier.


This is an okay game to play, but not my particular cup of tea. It can be lucrative if you get the 7s and roses, but other than that, not one of the great classic slots I would play.