Pirate Isle Slots

What's all the commotion at online casinos for US players? It's all about the new Pirate Isle Slots. This stunning animated 3D slot is available at our recommended US casinos and has everyone buzzing. With an amazing array of symbols, you will no doubt enjoy this Pirate theme-based slot more than others in the same genre. Let's review why this game is so popular, having just been released.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 25-payline bonus progressive 3D slot, Pirate Isle Slots has more bonus features that you can count on one hand. The coin sizes range from 25 cents to $6.25, making this an ideal slot for all players. Included in this slot game is an Extra Bet Button, and it will be explained during the course of this review. We do recommend you read the pay table as there are countless symbols and bonus features that require your attention before you play.

Object of the Game

The object of Pirate Isle Slots is to collect different colored keys that will lead the pirates to treasure. When you collect these keys, they will be placed at the top right corner of the slot game. But there is more to this game including bonus features that are outstanding.

The Treasure Keys

The Skeleton Key is wild and substitutes for all other symbols except the two scatter symbols to form winning combinations. During the regular game the Skeleton Key will be grouped on reel 3. The payout is doubled when these keys appear. The other special keys are color coded. There is the Diamond Key, the Ruby Key, the Sapphire Key, the Emerald Key, and the Gold Key. When they appear with the Skeleton Key, they will pay out from 1200 coins to 2000 coins, respectively. When all five keys are collected, the free spins round will commence. Moreover, there are 8 symbols including the Red-Bearded Pirate, who makes several appearances while playing the regular game.

The Scatters

The Galleon and the Treasure Chest are the two scatter symbols. These scatters, when appearing in a winning combination, will pay out quite handsomely. Get 5 Galleon symbols and win 200xs your bet; get 5 Treasure Chests and win 150xs your bet.

The Treasure Chest Feature

When you get three or more Treasure Chest symbols, you will proceed to the free spins round. Here you can win up to 300 spins!

Free Spins Feature

When you get to this bonus feature, you will be asked to select 5 locations on the map that contain a Chest, a Map, or a Ghost. Finding a treasure chest will award you another pick. If the lock on the treasure chest matches the Treasure Chest key color, your win is tripled. If you find the map, you will be awarded another round of picks. Up to five rounds can be won. If you find a Pirate Ghost, the feature will end and you will be awarded 100 free spins. If all the treasure keys are active, however, the number of free spins awarded is tripled. The Skeleton Key will appear grouped on reels 2, 3, and 4 during the free spins round. If you get three or more treasure chests, 15 additional free spins will be awarded.

Extra Bet Broadside Feature

This is one of the most realistic and stunningly beautiful video of two ships fighting at sea. When you get three or more Galleons, this feature will be triggered. There will be three ships involved: the Pirate ship, the Spanish Treasure Ship, and the Enemy Galleon Ship. You will be taken to a second screen where you will get a chance to fire the cannon until you defeat your opponent ship or five of your opponents have been faced. If you defeat the Spanish Ship, you will continue on to a new level. At the bottom of this screen you will find a scale that ranges from zero to ten. This is the prize ladder. It starts with three and ends at jackpot. An extra bet of 5xs the bet per line can be played for this feature. Each time you defeat a ship, the multiplier number on the scale will move up. I got as high as 7xs my bet.

Play the new Pirate Isle Slots

Never before have I seen so many features in a slot game. Moreover, the Broadside feature was one of the best interactive videos I've seen, and one that I know you will enjoy. All of the other features are fun too, but landing 300 spins is perhaps the best incentive for playing Pirate Isle slots.