Shelltastic Wins Slots

The entire slot board takes place deep within the ocean and is a 5x6 grid, a little unusual for the slot world. It's animated and interactive, with moving graphics and an adorable design, This is a RealTime Gaming slot, and RTP has an impeccable reputation, being one of the longstanding software developers out there, having many popular games under their belt.


Everything you need to navigate the vast and bottomless sea is located within the transparent black bar at the bottom of the board. Players who have played any other RTP slots should have no issues adjusting to this game. The minimum total bet for this board is 2.00 but can go up to 100.00. You can use the max bet button as well as the auto spin button if you choose, and you can set it to auto-spin from 5 to 100 times. You can also increase the speed by which the reel operates. It plays cheerful background music that reminds me a little of 'under the sea' from The Little Mermaid.


The highest premium symbol on the board is the golden shell, which is worth 1000 credits. The next highest-valued symbol is the purple swirling shell, valued at 500 credits. The green swirling shell is valued at 300 credits, and the red shell is worth 240 credits. The lower-paying symbols are the coins with different symbols, with the highest-paying coin being (quite morbidly) the one with the little skull on it. After that, there is a silver coin symbol with a crown, followed by the green symbol with the hook, the red symbol with the fish bone, and an anchor symbol is the lowest on the board. You can win up to 12 of a kind per symbol.

Special Features

This game has cascading wins, along with multiple symbols and free spins. The number of winning combinations is calculated and then multiplied by the prize table, and the result of that is multiplied by the bet which is 1/20 of the total bet, including scatter symbols. The player will only receive the highest win for each symbol. The cascading Wins feature is ongoing, when all winning symbols are paid, they'll vanish from the gameboard and the symbols above them will take their place. This will continue until the symbols land and there are zero wins left.

Bonus Bet Feature and Buy Feature

You can use the buy feature to purchase free games at any time, and it costs 100x of the current total bet. When the feature is bought, the triggering spin will be played automatically in the buy feature mode, and when this mode is activated, The Bonus Bet feature is disabled. The bonus bet feature lets players increase the odds of triggering free games simply by adding more scatter symbols to the reel, and when this feature is activated, the total bet will increase by 25%.

Free Games

When you trigger four or more scatter symbols on the gameboard, a round of free games will be purchased. You'll receive 10 free games, and during these games, multiplier symbols will appear, and they'll be worth somewhere from 2x to 100x your bet. The multiplier symbols stay on screen until there are no more cascading combinations. If you trigger three or more scatter symbols during the free spins, you'll trigger five extra free games.