8 Lucky Charms Slots - As Luck Would Have It

Do you have a lucky charm you carry with you at all times? Perhaps some of you do. If you go to any Bingo Hall, most everyone has one. However, in this case we are introducing a slot game entitled Eight Lucky Charms. It is a beautifully designed slot with Japanese symbols that are quite stunning. Moreover, there are a number of pages in the pay table that explain how you can amass lucrative wins in this game.

Game Facts

Eight Lucky Charms Slots is a 5-reel, 50-payline bonus video slot. What is so unique about this game is that there is no set jackpot per set, but medium win symbols and low win symbols. This is to say that every symbol is multiplied by your line bet. The coin sizes range from one cent to $10, with a max bet of $500. For high rollers, this will be quite an exciting game. For those on a budget, you can still play using the lower denominations and win handsomely due to the free spins and bonus features. What is also a unique feature is the Auto Bet button. It will continuously spin for you until to click the button to stop. There is also a Fast Play button as well. Although there are card symbols (which, by this time, I have expressed great dismay about them), they compliment the other symbols in this game. Remember to read this pay table as it is vital to your coming out a big winner!

Get Out YOUR Lucky Charm!

The symbols in Eight Lucky Charms Slots are, as I have already stated, stunning. They include: the Tiger and the Dragon, both wild symbols; a Bear, which is the scatter symbol; a Turtle, a Gold coin, a Master, a Queen, the Ying Yang symbols, and cards ace through jack. All of these symbols pay per line. The Tiger and the Dragon are both wild and substitute for all other symbols except the scatter to form winning combinations. More than one wild in a winning combination will yield 3xs for three wild symbols and 5xs for 4 wild symbols. The wild dragon, when appearing in the free spins round, will expand to cover the entire reel. The scatter symbol will trigger the free spins round, and it's a doozy!

Free Spins Round

Get three or more scatter symbols to activate the free spins round. This round will rewards a 2xs multiplier bet per line. You will win 20 free spins; or 10 free spins with a 2xs multiplier; or 5 free spins with a 4xs multiplier.

Bonus Round

Get three or more scatter symbols to trigger the bonus round. Here you will be taken to a second screen where you will be shown 15 charms. Your task is to reveal three of the charms with the same color. You will win the sum of that color prize. Here you can win up to 50xs your bet.

Medium Win and Low Win Symbols

This uni9que form of payouts for symbols is quite incredible in this slot game. For medium win symbols, here's what you'll win: get 5 of the master symbol and win 400xs your bet; get 5 of the princess and win 200xs your bet; get five turtle symbols and win 150xs your bet; and get five gold coins and win 100xs your bet. The low sin symbols are the card symbols, and you can check their payouts in the payable.

Play Eight Lucky Charms Slots

This slot game is one of the most lucrative slot games we reviewed in quite some time. We have rarely seen a slot game in which there is no set jackpot or win amount, but per line multipliers that can win you incredible payouts. Thus, we invite you to play Eight Lucky Charms at our recommended casinos.