Ponder the Pond of Koi Slots

Pond of Koi Slots is a beautifully designed slot that offers quite a bang for its buck. The Pond consists of colorful Koi fish, which is the theme of this game, lying in the most gorgeous kaleidoscopic bed of flowers. This is an easy slot game to play, with the rules as simple as can be. The lucrative value of this slot cannot be realized until you begin playing. Thus, we invite you to play Pond of Koi Slots at our featured casino.

Game Facts

Pond of Koi Slots is a 5-reel, 5 pay line slot game. The coin sizes range from two cents to $200. The difference in this slot game as with those of this genre we have reviewed earlier is that the wager you choose is the wager you bet. While other slots have Winning Multiplier Meters, Pond of Koi has a Free Spins Meter that is located to the left of the slot machine. For every consecutive non-winning spin, the Free Spins meter will advance by 1. Once the meter is full, that is, when it reaches 5; free spins will be triggered.

The Japanese Pond

The Pond has seven Koi fish in flower beds. When you get five or more matching symbols on the screen, a multiplier will activate and pay out up to 500xs your bet, depending on how many of the same Koi fish you get. With my first spin, I got seven of the same like symbols on the reels, and it paid out 20xs my bet. Getting 12 of the same Koi fish will win you the 500xs multiplier.

Play Pond of Koi Slots

As stated earlier, this is a simple but understated slot game that can win you up to 500xs your bet. Moreover, the bet you make, is the bet that stands. So whether you are a beginner or seasoned player, we invite you to enjoy playing Pond of Koi Slots at our featured casino.