Sweet's Surprise 3 Lines Slots

Top Game’s Sweet’s Surprise 3 Lines Slots is a favorite among those US players who love sweets. Who doesn’t? But another reason why this game is so popular is that it is beautifully designed and makes your mouth water for these delicious donuts and cupcakes. The perimeter of the slot consists of whipped cream, and the lines are candy dots to decorate the slot even further. Lovely!

About the Game

Sweet’s Surprise 3 Line Slots is a 3-coin slot with a max bet of $15 per spin. The jackpot is worth $15,000 if you bet the max. Just think of how many of these delectable sweets you can buy with your winnings? The pay table is located to the right of the slot, making it easy to view your wins as you play. There is the traditional Auto Play button available, as well as the familiar buttons you need to select lines and place bets.

Playing the Game

The Chocolate Mini Cake is the Wild symbol in this game. Get all three to win the jackpot. Get two to win 3000 coins, and get one to win 1000 coins. You can also get one Wild symbol in combination with other symbols to win as well. At the top of the slot you are reminded that “Jackpot Pays only if wild symbols are visible across 3 lines when you play max bet and all 3 lines.”


You won’t be able to resist play Sweet’s Surprise 3 Lines Slots because it is a wonderful slot game with a high jackpot. We invite you to play this game at our recommended casinos.