Super Market Slots

If you have lived on this Earth for more than a few years, then chances are that at some point in your life you have been to a supermarket. You might not remember it having been there as a child or you might be a supermarket veteran, going every week to get the groceries that your family requires to live on, but at the same time most people have been to a supermarket at one time or another. While you would not think that the supermarket represents anything more than just a food repository to most people, the creators of online slot games seem to disagree.

In the latest release of a slots game into Liberty Slots Casino you can see that the supermarket slot machine game is spreading. This shows that a lot of people seem to really love the game, which in turn shows that the nondescript supermarket that people visit every week to get groceries might be a bit more important to us than most people would have thought.

Super Market Slot Machine

Like the vast majority of the new slot machine games that get released now, Super Market Slots is a video slot machine. This means that the graphics on it are some of the highest quality graphics you are every likely to find in a slot machine and also that the entire screen is likely going to be taken up by the reels as the reels are presented to the viewer in video form rather than in actual physical reel form. This distinction is lost to most people that play slot machines online, but if you go to an offline casino you will see right away that conventional slot machines have physical round reels within them that spin, while video slot machines do not.

The Supermarket Slot machine is a 5-reel slot game with 20 pay lines, meaning that you can get paid in any one of 20 different ways. However, in order to be eligible for the maximum amount of pay lines, you need to be able to bet all 20 coins. With denominations of 1 cent to $10 possible on this Super Market Slot machine, a 20-coin bet could be as high as $200; pretty hefty for most people. A lot of people that play the slot machine stick to $0.01 denominations so that they only end up paying 20 cents per spin.

Super Market Slot Special Features

There are two major special features that Super Market Slot game includes; a Free Spins feature and a Bonus Round feature. The Free Spins feature comes up when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels and if that happens you are given 10 Free Spins; a period during which you can win more free spins that are added to your free spins tally later. Also, during your free spins, any money that you win at Supermarket Slot is doubled (free spin amounts are not doubled). This is in addition to a bonus round, where you can win additional lump sums of coinage to add to the stack you are currently playing with. So what are you waiting for? Download Liberty Slots Online Casino now and enjoy playing the brand new 5 reel slot game - Super Market Slots!