Douguies Delights Slots

Are you wondering exactly who Dougie is and what his delights are all about? If so, you are not alone my friend. Dougies Delights is all about the Stars and Stripes and the game of baseball and all of the good eats that are part of the baseball experience. Dougies Delights is the place to be and the place that makes all of the all American cuisine...the burgers and piping hot pizzas that you enjoy while you watch the game! Download and play Douguies Delights Slots now!

So much is going on...

There is also a bonus game and a free spins round. The top jackpot in this game is worth 10,000 coins but could easily escalate if you wager all five coins per pay line...which is five. That way...10,000 coins turns into $50,000 real quickly. To win this jackpot you will need to get five wild symbols on the same reel. Remember...if you want the fifty grand you will have to be wagering $45 per spin. can bet like a novice if you must but the top jackpot for a penny is only a hundred bucks! Top Game brought this slot game live in March 2008 and because baseball is so popular this has made this particular slot game a success! Dougie's Delights is a five reel and nine pay line video slot game.

An all-American theme

Look for the Wild literally is the American Flag in this slot game. Ironically...the scatter symbol is just that...the American Eagle symbol. will not be shocked to know that the bonus symbol is the Statue of Liberty symbol. There is no multiplier in this game. The American flag can be swapped for all other symbols to create more winning combinations. Other symbols in this game include the Hot Dogs, Coca Cola, a Base Ball Helmet, and the Baseballs are the Jackpot symbol...Plus...the Statue of Liberty. You trigger the free spins round when you get two scatter symbols...five freebie spins are all yours. There are also a good number of sports symbols in this game and they pay out very generously...for example...the Basketball equipment gets you 250 coins...the Football kit will get you 500 coins...the Baseball will get you up to 10,000 coins respectively. Dougies Delights depicts an all-American theme.

There are three slot games that make up the Stars and Stripes progressive jackpot...obviously one is Dougie's Delights and the other two are Red, White Blue slots and Fandango’s Slots. So what do you say? Are you ready to throw on some red, white, and blue to take your chance at the greens? Try this slot game at: