3X Gold'N Slots

While we have seen an influx of classic slots, 3X Gold'N is not new. Released in 1988, 3X Gold is still a popular slot given its lucrative nature. Traditional players have enjoyed these types of slots for years, and this game is no exception, even though it is pretty old compared to today's 3-reel, 1-pay line games.

Slot Game Developer

The provider is Wager Gaming Technology.

Play in Demo Mode

3X Gold'N Slot is available in Demo Mode at our WGT casinos.

The Theme of the Game

3X Gold'N Slots is a Gold theme-based slot.

The Design

As classic slots go, 3X Gold'N Slots is an oldie but a goodie.

Type of Slot Game

3X Gold'N Slots is a 3-reel video slot.

Number of Paylines

3X Gold'N Slots has one pay line.

Betting Options

  • Click on the plus and minus signs to place your bet.
  • The maximum number of coins is three.
  • The minimum wager is one cent up to $10.
  • The maximum wager is $30.00 per spin.

Paytable Location

Click on the Paytable button to access the information.

Control Buttons

At the bottom of the slot, click on any of the buttons to utilize them. From left to right, there is the Paytable, Auto Play, Bet Amount, Bet One, Spin Reels, and Play Max.


  • Given that many classic slots have the paytable atop the game, 3X Gold has its paytable available to players on a separate page.
  • As we have seen before, 3XGold 'N is the Wild symbol, and when it appears once on the reels, it will pay out 3xs your bet.
  • When two appear on the reels, it will pay out 9xs your bet.
  • The maximum amount a player can win depends on how many coins they bet.
  • One coin will yield 5000 when all 3XGold symbols appear.
  • Two coins will award 10,000 when all 3XGold symbols appear.
  • Three coins will yield 15,000 all 3XGold symbols appear.
  • Now considering the age of this slot, the payouts are stunning!

Return to Player

The RTP is 91.86%.

3X Gold'N Slots Wins

Many players have won playing this game.

3X Gold'N Slots for Fun

You can play this game for fun at our WGT casinos.

3X Gold'N Slots for Real Money

Join our WGT online casinos to play this game for real money.

Mobile Availability

3X Gold'N Slots is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.