Playing Seven Reel Slots

Three- and five-reel slot games are common, and all slot players are very familiar with them. Their lesser known sibling, however, is the seven-reel game. At this time the only seven-reel games are very simple, normally offering a relatively few paylines and no side games, but their interest and complexity arises from the large number of reels spinning.

Because they are something of a specialized taste, 7-reel games can be a bit difficult to find, and some properties that had a few 7-reelers have retired them in favor of higher-tech styles of games. Vegas Technologies, however, offers two of the best, smoothest and most fun seven reel slot games available. You will find these games at places like Lincoln Casino , and Liberty Slots Casino , as well as Miami Club Casino .

Farming Futures - The game is not available at this time

The look of Farming Futures Slots is that of a simple, old-time, slot game. The background is simple pink stripes, and the reels are populated by cartoons of farm animals and farmers. It is a really fun, lighthearted look for a fun and lighthearted game.

Farming Futures has seven reels and nine paylines that make for tons of winning combos. Like its three- and five- reel cousins, coin values may be set by the player to denominations ranging from 1¢ up to a maximum of $10. With nine lines to bet, the maximum bet can range from a very modest 9¢ per spin all the way up to $90, making this game appealing to players seeking a lower level of risk rather than high rollers.

The maximum payout on this big game is a modest 2500 coins. Though the payouts are pretty small by big machine standards, because it has seven reels, the payouts hit constantly.

Lucky 7s - The game is not available at this time

Lucky 7s Slots is one of our favorite of the simple and basic style slot games. The theme is, obviously, the lucky number seven. Here, the background is simple wallpaper speckled with 7s. The game controls are across the bottom of the playfield, as is typical of Vegas Tech games.

The symbols here mostly have to do with the lucky number 7. To start, there are cherries. Other than that there are number 7 poker chips, traditional slot game number 7s, triple-7s, and so forth. The 7 reels play on 7 paylines and

Coin values on this one may be set from 1¢ up to a whopping $25. As a result, players can play all lines for as little as 7¢ per spin, or they can risk as much as $175 each round, making this game appealing to a wide range of players. The maximum payout is also 2500 coins, but with a $25 maximum coin value, the biggest jackpot is worth a whopping $62,500, which makes this game really worthwhile for the moderately high-risk player.

Try the 7-reelers Tonight

You have played lots of three- and five-reel games, why not give the 7-reelers a try tonight? Settle into your favorite gaming station with your luckiest beverages and snacks, and get all 7 reels spinning for an evening of terrific slot fun!