There is a new banking method available to non-USA online players. It is called SOFORT Banking. With availability to more than 30,000 stores, SOFORT Banking can also be used at online casinos across the globe. How does it work? Actually, it is quite easy. First, choose your bank that will allow you to make a transfer. Second, Login to the secure form on SOFORT and apply your own banking details. The information you enter will be sent to your own bank fully encrypted. Third, in order to transfer your money, you will be asked to provide your own unique confirmation code. Finally, SOFORT will transfer said monies and provide you with confirmation of said purchases or transfers. Payments made via SOFORT are fast and secure, and will not require any other process. We invite all our European online players to sign up with SOFORT Banking and make the transfer of funds to your online casino account that much easier.

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