You've probably heard the name They launched in 2011, but they've been making a lot of noise-so much so that major media publications have been paying attention. They've been covered by the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo, CBS Sports, and a bunch of other US publications. And every story has been a good news story. Read on to discover another on.

Bonuses & Extras has become famous of their no-BS bonus. You get 10% cash back on all your bets, paid weekly, regardless of whether you win or lose. But it's not just their 10% cash back bonus that's been catapulting the sportsbook into the news. is a bit of an anomaly in the sports betting world. When you think of sportsbooks, the term "generous" isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But SportsBettingOnline has a history of paying players for losing bets. They've done it three or four times this year. Bettors who laid money down on games with controversial outcomes saw their losing bets refunded. And recently, they doubled payouts for members who bet on the Washington Wizards to win after they snapped a 12-game losing streak. The double payout came as a surprise, with members finding out about the bonus after their win.

Betting Experience

In keeping with their no-BS theme, keeps their betting experience clean and uncomplicated. Finding lines and understanding them are ridiculously easy for new bettors. And experienced bettors will find the in-depth betting information they need to bet fast. Lines are always available to bettors before signing in, so you don't even need to be a member to check them out, which isn't always the case with other sites.

Mobile Betting recognizes that both serious and casual sports betting enthusiasts aren't always tied to a desktop or laptop. Sometimes you need to check the lines at work. Or at a bar. Or on a train. Sometimes, you might read the news about a player being sidelined while you're out, and that injury could make a potential bet more opportune. has members covered with a sophisticated mobile betting platform that works from any smartphone, especially iPhones and Android devices. When you access the regular site from your phone, the sportsbook recognizes it and takes you to their smartphone-friendly betting platform.

Payout Speeds

We were really impressed by payout speeds for winning bettors. The site is smaller than some of the larger ones, so that means that their isn't a huge backlog of winners in the cashier queue. We've talked to management, and they have more than enough staff to handle floods of payout requests at once. Members are reporting same-day payouts for the most part. The site even has a quote from one of their big winners who scored $18,000 on a $60 parlay, thanking the cashier for quickly paying out out her win and keeping her in the loop.

Customer Service

Excellent and thorough. That's the best way to describe the level of customer service members experience at When you hit the site, you'll find a number of contact options. The site boasts live help, an FAQ section, and telephone support. What we really like is the ticket alert system. We're guessing this is one of the least used methods because we received a call back within minutes of issuing a ticket. Apparently, when you submit a ticket, it goes directly to customer service AND a supervisor, so you know you're being taken care of. Overall, the level of customer service was friendly and attentive.

There's a lot to like about, and it's definitely one of our top picks. See why by joining for free right now.