Super Nudge 6000 Slots

There is a new classic slot game entitled Super Nudge 6000. Upon first viewing, it seems like your traditional slot games. But there is nothing traditional about it. In fact, it takes a while getting use to. So fasten your seat belts while we try to articulately explain this new slot.

Game Facts

Super Nudge 6000 Slots is a 3-reel, 5-line slot that has the regular slot game at the bottom and the super slot game at the top of the machine. The coin values are $1, 10 cents and 20 cents. When you bet 10 coins, all lines are active. The pay table is clearly shown on both the upper and lower slots. Be sure to bet the max in this game, as it makes a big difference in getting to access the Super Nudge slot at the top.

Fruits and more Fruits

The symbols used in Super Nudge 6000 encompass the following: Dollar signs, bells, watermelons, grapes, lemons, and oranges. There is also the Royal Crown and Blue 7s. These two symbols can be found at the top slot.

Playing Super Nudge 6000

The maximum bet is 10 and is needed to access the top supermeter mode. When you get a winning combination on the bottom slot, you can bet 20, 40, or 60 coins in the supermeter mode. The Supermeter features an automated nudge feature. For example: if you bet 20 coins, you can nudge the slot one time; 40 coins allows you to nudge two times; and 60 coins gives you three nudges on the top slot machine. If you are lucky enough to get three crowns (as I did), you get a mystery win that awards you from 300 to 6000 coins. You also have the option of not playing the supermeter slot, as there is a collect button located at the bottom left of the main slot machine. But it’s more fun to play the supermeter!

Let' Review

So to play Super Nudge 6000, first click on your coin bet. Betting the max is the best method. In this way, all the lines are in play, the bet is at the highest level, and you can win higher payouts.

Play Super Nudge 6000 Slots

Our advice is to practice play Super Nudge 6000 Slots so that you fully understand each function of the game. Once you are comfortable with it, you can then go on to play for real money. You will find this game enjoyable, challenging, and somewhat addictive.