The Bees

When first loading the Bees Slots, you will hear the most soothing piano music. But once you start spinning the reels, everything changes. You may want to take your time playing this game, just so the calming melody gets you prepared for the next set of spins. The Bees Slots can be played at Drake Casino, and we think you will enjoy it to the max. The colors are lovely, the sounds (at least the beginning are fabulous), and the payouts are handsome.

Game Facts

The Bees Slots is a 5-reel, 9-payline bonus video slot with a jackpot worth 2500 coins. It has a max bet of $5 per pay line totaling $45 per spin. However, there are smaller coin denominations to suit any budget. The pay table offers explanations on the symbols, payouts, and bonus features and we recommend you read it before game play.


The symbols in the Bees Slots reflect its theme and include: The Bees Logo, Maxwell Bee and Beatrice Bee, Beehive, Barrel of Honey, three Sunflowers with different colors. There is also a Wild symbol. If you get all five of these symbols, the reel launcher will become activated and will allow the wild symbols to trigger random wins.

The Swap Feature

The Swap symbol (green sunflower) can be utilized after each spin in which you win on one pay line. You can swap two icons to win additional combinations. You will be able to collect these symbols during the bonus round and receive up to a 3 icons.

The Bees Bonus Round

When Maxwell, the Bees Logo, and Beatrice appear on reels 2, 3, and 4; the Bees Bonus round will activate. Now if you are an online gamer or have a video gaming system, this is where your skills will come in handy. In the Bonus Round, displayed on a second screen, the first thing you will see is an explanation of how the bonus game works. This is how it goes: You will first select either Maxwell or Beatrice. He or she will take you on an adventure, flying through the hillside, collecting flower pendants. Now each pendant will award you a specific number of coins as well as other cool prizes. But beware, because there is a poison cone that can sting Maxwell or Beatrice and this cone will reduce the time you have allotted to play the bonus game. Use the keyboard arrows to play. Your goal is to collect 5 flower pendants to receive special icons which can be used in the bonus game.

Play the Bees Slots at Drake Casino

If you enjoy a challenge and want to collect heaps of coins at the same time, we invite you to play The Bees Slots at Drake Casino.