The VIP Plan Rewards Program

As an online casino player, you may be a member of the VIP Plan Rewards Program available at any one of these participating casinos: Liberty Slots Casino, and Lincoln Casino. If not, we highly recommend that you join any one of these casinos in order to benefit from the VIP Plan Rewards Program.

What is the VIP Plan Rewards Program?

Basically, when you join any one of the aforementioned casinos, you can enroll in the VIP Plan consisting of special rewards for players who are loyal to the casino. In order to join, however, you have to have a real money account at one of the participating sites. Once you become a member of the VIP Program, you will earn reward points every time you play at any one of these casinos. All rewards can be redeemed for some of the best prizes online as well as cash.

What Are the Reward Levels in the VIP Plan?

The reward levels are based on a 6-tier structure beginning with the one-star Amber level and climbing up the ladder to the 6-star Diamond level. With every $10 you bet, you receive points based on the game you are playing. For example, at the starting level or Amber, you will receive 30 points for every $100 bet on blackjack; 50 points for video poker; 160 points for slots; and 60 points for table games. The maximum number of points you can receive at the Diamond level are: Blackjack - 45; Video Poker - 75; Slots - 240; Table Games - 90;.

How Does the VIP Plan Rewards Program Work?

As a member, when you play any the casinos mentioned, you become part of their rewards points plan. Since each casino offers a different plan, the level you attain determines the amount of points you earn. This is also based on the games played as well. To enroll in the VIP Plan Rewards Program, all you need to do is to sign up for it and you will receive an email confirming your induction into the plan and instructions on how to activate it. Once your account is activated, you will begin to earn some great rewards every time you make a bet at a casino.

What Prizes Can I Win?

As a member of the VIP Plan Rewards Program, you can redeem your reward points for cash which can be deposited into your account. You can win cash and prizes be entering the casino's sweepstakes; and you can exchange your points for merchandise. Here's an example of what you can look forward to as a member of the VIP Plan.

Become an Amber player when you purchase your first credits at Liberty Slots Casino


Remember, once you join our listed casinos, you can become a member of the VIP Plan Rewards Program and reap additional benefits by playing at any of the participating casinos. Points are earned at any of these casinos as long as you are a member of at least one of them. Join today!