Touchdown Fever

If you are obsessed with Football, you will enjoy playing Touchdown Fever Slots at BookMaker Casino. This is a classic slot that's not only easy to play, but loads of fun, too. We particularly enjoyed the "touchdown" blimp that comes into the screen from the left. Be sure to enlarge your browser so that you can fully enjoy this game.

Game Facts

A 3-reel, 1-payline traditional slot game, Touchdown Fever Slots is perfect for sports fans in general and for football fanatics in particular. With a max bet of 3 coins, you can't go wrong playing this slot game for hours. It has a jackpot worth 2500 coins, and features some classic symbols as well.

Go For the Field Goal

The symbols in Touchdown Fever Slots ideally reflect the game's theme and include: football with the word touchdown on it, a regular football, the uprights, football helmet, triple bars, double bars, single bars, and whistles. Get all three football touchdown symbols to win the jackpot! You will find the pay table located to the left of the slot making it easy to view the payouts. Last, but not least, is the beautiful rendition of a running back as he is about to score dominating the center of the slot machine.