Vericoin is basically a new payment method that has honed in on altcoin. Vericoin featured an interest rate that will fluctuate depending upon how many coins are used to stake. The more coins used the high the interest rate. This may sound like gibberish to some, but when you consider that funding your online casino account can be easier using alternative digital currencies, the altcoins may become a thing of the past when more merchants utilize Vericoin as a payment method.

Vericoin Ensures Success with VeriBit

In order to avoid any problems using digital currency, Vericoin has added Veribit to its network. This allows users to make smaller Bitcoin purchases with Vericoin. Veribit acts as a medium between Vericoin and Bitcoin, allowing for an easy transaction by those who use Bitcoin. If consumers wish to use Vericoin, they can do so because online casinos are now embracing Bitcoin as a funding source.