Wheel of Cash Slots

We have been hearing a lot about Wheel of Cash Slots. Using their flash mode, we decided to see what this slot game is all about. If you are a slot enthusiast, you are going to love this game! It is easy to play, fast paced, and has multiple opportunities for you to Spin the Wheel, just like contestants do on the popular TV game show Wheel of Fortune. In addition, there are some very interesting features embedded in this slot game, and we are here to tell you about them as well.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 20-payline bonus video slot, Wheel of Cash is a 50¢ slot with a max bet of $100. The jackpot is 5000 coins, and even if you don’t want to bet the max each spin, you can use any one of these coin sizes: 1, 5, 10, or 25¢ and still come out a winner. There are 20 winning combinations, and it is advisable that you read the pay table as it contains all you need to know to make this slot game a winning success. In addition, there is the Sloto Side Game that is also fun to play and part of this slot machine as well. We’ll explain more about this later. But first, let’s play!

Up the Ante!

If you haven’t yet joined SlotoCash Casino and merely want to test Wheel of Cash Slots in flash, here is a neat way to play this and all their flash games as long as you want for free. After you have used up all the play money, a message will pop up saying you no longer have any funds to continue, “Would you like to make a deposit?” Click on the Yes button, and on the next screen you can set your free play limit to whatever you desire – up to 99999! Then simply go back to the game and play to your hearts content! Okay, now that you have your free money, let’s play Wheel of Cash Slots.

Symbols Are the Key!

In Wheel of Cash Slots, there are numerous symbols that will garner you fantastic payouts. These symbols include: a Golden Ticket, which is the wild symbol and will multiply your winnings. Get all five golden ticket symbols and win the jackpot! The scatter symbol is the word “Scatter” and if you get three or more, you will trigger the free spins round. The Wheel of Cash symbol is the daddy of all symbols and will activate the bonus game in which you get to spin the Wheel! Other symbols include: expensive watch, mounds of cash, yacht, car, Sloto symbol, champagne on ice, diamond, jet, and gold coins.

Free Spins Round

This is a fairly straightforward game. Get 3 or more scatter symbols and win 5 free spins. The payouts for each win multiply your winnings by 5x.

Wheel of Cash Bonus Round

Get three or more Wheel of Cash symbols and on a second screen you have three chances to spin the wheel. But be careful, because after the first spin two bust signs are added to the wheel. If you decide to spin a second time, you risk losing what you made on the first try. Once you bust, the bonus round is over and lose all money accumulated.

Sloto Side Game

This is an interesting side game in the style of Lotto’s Pick 5. At the top of the slot machine you will see 15 numbers. You get to choose 5 of them for a $1. After each spin, 5 numbers will appear. If you match any of them you win the Sloto side game. Three matches pays out $3; four matches pays out $10; and if you match all five numbers, you win $1000!

Play Wheel of Cash Slots

This is one heck of an enjoyable slot game with bonus features we know you will enjoy. At 50¢ it has a high payback value, and having the Sloto Side Game is just icing on the cake. Play Wheel of Cash Slots at SlotoCash Casino enjoy the pleasure of playing this and all other slot games in flash.