Why is the Stop Spin Feature Important?

Playing slot games with a stop spin feature is important because it gives you the opportunity to stop the reels at any given point, thus increasing your chances of winning.

This is not to say that you should use the stop spin with every bet, but it does add to an exciting slot game play when you get that feeling in your gut that if you click on stop spin you may just win big!

The Pros

The stop spin feature also allows for additional spins, which means you are spinning more often and also betting more often. It's a two-way street. The stop spin button can increase or decrease your total winnings. But some slot players feel that by utilizing the button you can quickly get to the bonus round of the slot game.

If you are playing Cleopatra's Pyramid at Lincoln Casino for example, once the reels start spinning, the Spin Button will automatically read "stop." It is then that you can click on the button and stop the reels.

The Cons

Although some players have touted the casinos for offering slots with the stop spin button, others have stated while it is a pretty good feature, one can utilize it too often. Some have even referred to the stop spin button as a way to get to the bonus rounds faster. But this isn't always the case, so use it wisely.

For most slot players, however, it is the journey to the bonus rounds or free spins feature that is important. Utilizing the stop spin tends to derail the path to victory. It is a myth to think that by using the stop spin button, you are increasing your chances of activating the bonus rounds faster than not using the button.

It's Your Choice

For slot enthusiasts, waiting to see what each reel reveals is the essence of enjoyment in playing slot games. For others, using the stop spin button may be a shortcut to the bonus rounds which, for them, is just as exciting. Depending on how you play slot games will ultimately determine whether you reach the desired effect or not.

The stop spin button has its good and bad points. Ultimately, how you choose to play the game, and the excitement derived from it, is your choice. But keep in mind that even those online casino slots have high payout percentages; it doesn't necessarily mean that taking the shorter path will always get you to the bonus round.