80s Night Slots

With 5 reels and 15 paylines, 80s Night Slots is one of Wizard Gaming’s most appealing slots game offerings. The theme is pretty much self-explanatory, especially if you check out the reel symbols. Disco dancing with its electronic drums and synthesizers was a very popular pastime during the 80s, as were strobe lights and nighttime club hopping. The bright, florescent colors present in the game look much as objects would if they were sitting beneath a strobe light.

The Reel Symbols for 80s Night Slots

Reel symbols for 80s Night Slots are divided into two separate categories. One category’s symbols are about the type of people that were typically found in a discotheque during the 1980s. Players will see a Glam Rocker, a Punk Rocker, a California Valley Girl, a Madonna wannabe, a Miami Vice wannabe, and someone who is dressed as the late Michael Jackson was in the Thriller video from the early 80s. The other category contains symbols of objects that were popular during the 1980s, such as a Rubik’s Cube, Vans Sneaker, Chia Pet, Sports Car, Cassette Tape, Joystick, Boombox Lover, Red Dancing Can and Zac’s Phone. The music that plays during the game has quite the 80s feel to it.

Online Wagering Made Easy with 80s Night Slots

Online wagering for 80s Night Slots is fairly simple. The coin sizes you can use range from 0.01 to 1.00 credits. It is up to the individual player as to whether or not they want to play one line, or all fifteen. You can also choose to play from one to ten coins per line. This means you play with 1 cent all the way up to $150 per bet.

The 80s Night Wild Symbol

The Chia Pet is the Wild symbol. If you should be lucky enough to line up 5 of the Chia Pets on one activated payline, then you will win a 20,000-coin jackpot. There are several Scatter symbols in this game. They include the Boombox Lover, the Michael Jackson look-alike character, the Red Dancing Can, and the Rubik’s Cube.

The Arcade Bonus Game for 80s Night Slots

You can activate the Arcade Bonus game for 80s Night when ever a Rubik’s cube symbol is on reels one, two, and three at the same time. Three or more of the Red Can Symbols will trigger a Free Spin Bonus Round. Once activated, you will get twelve spins, and any win is doubled. Three or more of any other symbol not mentioned here will pay up to 200 times the amount of your bet.