Bring Out Your Inner Caveman with Cashasaurus Slots is a wonderfully enjoyable game that is well suited for beginners and experienced players alike. Designed and developed by Wizard Gaming, slot creator extraordinaire, Cashasaurus is a relatively new kid on the block, but one the online gaming software market has welcomed with open arms. If you have never tried Cashasaurus Slots, make it a point to try this video slots game out at Mission 2 Game Casino.

Meet Wooly the Mammoth and Franco-saurus

The entertaining prehistoric caveman theme of Cashasaurus Slots promises lots of fun. This is a colorful game, with bright primary colors against a wood tone and light blue background. The Wild symbol is called Caveman Wild Bob, while the Scatter symbol is known as Jenny Cave-Babe. The Bonus icon goes by the name of Gary. Other reel symbols include Fire, a Wheel, a Club, Spear, a Bone with meat still on it, a Cave House, a Man Eating Plant, a character called Franco-saurus, a Brontosaurus, and last but not least, Wooly the Mammoth.

Enjoy Auto Play and Bonus Game, Too

Players have the ability to control the game’s background sounds. The Auto Play option allows gamers to play Cashasaurus without the need to have any sort of interaction with the software. Cashasaurus Slots has a maximum jackpot of 1500 coins, with a maximum bet of $250. Players can bet up to ten coins for each spin on the five reel, 25-payline slots game. When the gregarious Gary appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, the Cashasaurus Bonus Game is triggered.

Jackpot or Booby Prize?

Called Dino Bonus, this is an amusing side game where players will choose from a selection of weapons, eight in total. If you choose a weapon that has a bonus behind it, you are awarded that bonus. If you locate the Jackpot, then you will get all of the bonus amounts. In addition, if you choose the Booby Prize, Gary won’t attempt to stone you to death, but you will have to leave the Bonus game and return to the other part of the game.

Caveman Wild Bob Can Help You to Win Big

If there is a bonus behind one of the weapons chosen by the player, another weapon may be chosen to see if the player is lucky enough to be awarded yet another bonus. This continues until all of the weapons have been investigated. As the Wild symbol, Caveman Wild Bob substitutes for other symbols in order to make a winning combination. However, the Caveman Wild Bob symbol does not work with scatter winning combos. Cashasaurus Slots is a game that is easy to understand and easy to play. The vivid graphics draw players in, and they usually end up staying awhile, for this is one slots experience that is rather addictive!

Cashasaurus Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, progressive, video
ThemePrehistoric Period
Coin size$0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20
Coins per lineup to 10
Max Bet$250
Multiplierup to 80x
Fun moneyyes
ScatterCave Babe
SymbolsBone with meat, Brontosaurus, Cave Cave Babe, Cave House, Cave Man Bob, Cave Man Gary, Club, Fire, Franco-saurus, Man Eating Plant, Spear, Wheel, Wooly the Mammoth
Bonus roundFree Spins Feature
SoftwareSoft Magic Dice
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