Alley Cats Slots - Bonus Video Slots - Microgaming Casino Games

For all you slots fans looking for some new scenery, this one is the cat's MEOW! This newly-released, whimsical video slot features cats that are passionate about bowling. Veteran software-developer Microgaming seems to have a never-ending supply of creatively themed games, and this one will keep you entertained for much of your nine lives! Please note however that Microgaming operators no more accept new US players. Please follow the link to find online casino for United States players

Alley Cats video slots is, as you might have guessed, staged in a bowling alley located in a back-street alley. The stars of the show, the savvy alley cats, compete with each other for treasures hidden in the trashcans you will find distributed throughout the game. The high-quality graphics and detailing is dazzling, and ads to the entertaining atmosphere gamers have come to anticipate from Microgaming.

When you start playing, As you play, you will get to know 5 different cats, cat nip, a bowling trophy, a trash can and some alley garbage, as well as a Chihuahua, (inferior to the cats, of course J) tied up next to a few bowling pins. Poor doggy!

The "strike" symbol is the scatter. If you get 3, 4, or 5 of these on your screen -- left to right, on adjacent reels, beginning with reel #1, you win either the Mystery Prize Bonus Feature or 20 free spins. Winnings during the free spins are doubled. If you win the Mystery Prize, you can win up to 10,800 coins. During the Mystery Prize game, you will see 6 objects on the screen. Choose 3 of these objects. Then, watch as the orange cat bowls away the objects you chose to reveal random bonus amounts. The maximum jackpot is 10,000 coins, with the second highest jackpot reaching 5000 coins. How exciting.. I found myself wanting to purr with joy!