Orient Express Slots

We've all heard of the Orient Express. Whether we've read the book by Agatha Christie, or studied history, and learned of the famous Berlin-to-Bagdad railway, the idea of traveling to the East has always been tied to romance and adventure.

Now it's tied to winning, too. Liberty Slots Casino has a 5-reel video slot called Orient Express, with a far-Eastern adventure theme that'll keep you entertained and 21 paylines that will almost guarantee at least a partial win on every spin.

All of those partial wins will help to keep you in the game. On Orient Express, even a small initial deposit can get you a lot of game play time. The 21 paylines can be a little confusing however; I'd definitely recommend that you use the paytables to check your wins. This brings up the only real negative point about the game; because it is a 5-reel slot, there is no room on the main screen to show the paytables. If you decide not to trust the computer, you'll be doing a lot of toggling back and forth between the reels and the paytables. But that's really the only negative I had while I was playing. The game was fun, with a very smooth action and good graphics. The coin size can very from 1 cent to 10 dollars, making Orient Express flexible enough for low- or high-stakes players. And with 21 paylines, and a 10 dollar coin size, the potential jackpots can get very, very big. All of this adds up to one excellent game. Try it for yourself. If you like online slots, you'll love this one.