Reel Baron Slots - New Microgaming Slots

We all remember the movies with the baron flying the old fashioned airplane, wearing goggles with his scarf flying in the wind, well this 5 reel 20 payline slots game from microgaming is a perfect reminder of those times.

Old Fighter Planes and Modern Gaming

With ancient fighter planes in different colors, zeppelins, flying helmets and medals filling the screen you are definitely taken back to a different age. But the modern world marries with this game so nicely when you see how much a potential win is worth and watch the colorful wheels spin around the screen. Like all good 5 reel video slots games, this game has a scatter symbol and a wild symbol in addition to free spins and a special kind of multiplier which has come to be known as the Australian free spin bonus.

The Wild Reel Baron Wings

The reel baron wings acts as the wild symbol and can substitute for any other symbol along a payline in order to complete the payline. The scatter symbol which is a brass compass can appear anywhere on the screen in order to do its job. If you land two or more brass compasses on the screen where there is a winning payline, your win is doubled, if you land 5 scatters all over the screen where there is a winning payline then you will receive 100x the coin bet you placed. Three scatters gives you four times the win and four scatters gives you 10 x the win. But this is not the only job of the scatter.

The Brass Compass Scatter

The scatter symbol of the brass compass also acts as a trigger for the free spins. If you land three or more scatter symbols on the screen then apart from receiving any winnings that are calculated you also receive 10 free spins. These bonus free spins work according to what is known as the Australian free spin bonus where the multiplier increases with each spin. For example any wins achieved after the first free spin are multiplied by 1, any wins after the second free spin are multiplied by 2 and so on until you get to the last free spin which if you win anything, it is multiplied by 10. This is a novel way of giving you a multiplier which can sometimes work out more profitable than if it was a constant multiplier all the way through of a lower amount.

Reel Baron Video slot is a microgaming slot game and can be found at leading microgaming casinos such as Betway Casino. If you are a new member to these casinos then it is a good idea to check out the special offers and introductory bonuses that they offer for new players which can only help to enhance your enjoyment of this history filled slots game with lots of action.