A Night in Paris

If you've ever been to Paris, you will thoroughly enjoy this exquisite slot game entitled A Night in Paris, available now at Drake Casino. This is a 3D slot game that is a must-play not only for its fabulous animations, but for its lucrative value as well. If the City of Lights calls to you, you must answer by playing A Night in Paris Slots.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot, A Night in Paris has everything you'd ever want in a slot game. Interaction, animations, sounds, and spectacular bonus features. For only 50 cents a pay line, you can amass quite a handsome sum playing this slot game. Moreover, even though the jackpot is worth 2500 coins, you can earn a great deal more playing the bonus features. And the stunning symbols will get you there. To assist you in this endeavor, the cop is on the beat with his ferocious bull dog, and watches out for any thief who wants to come and still your purse. He stands at the right of the slot machine and applauds when you win, and roots out the bad guy whenever he appears.

Jerome LaBaste: The Cop on the Beat

The major characters in this slot game are Jerome, the cop and the thief. Along with these two invaluable symbols are the bull dog, a couple, two doves, a large vase, a bust, a painting, a croissant, an Agency Security symbol, and the Eiffel Tower.

The Cop, the Thief, and the Agence de Securite

When these three symbols appear together, you will be awarded a very handsome sum. But in order to receive that sum, a message will appear asking you to "Alert the Guard" by clicking on the sign. Once you do, you will be awarded a grand sum. It could be 4750 coins; 3750 coins; or more. The order of appearance could either be the cop, the Agence logo, and the thief; or the thief, the Agence logo, and the cop.

Agence de Securite Free Spins Round

When the Agence logo appears three or more times, you will win 4 free spins. Now before the free spins round begins, the thief will appear at the left side of the slot machine and give you a look, then the cop and bull dog will chase him until your free spins round is over. What the cop does with the thief once caught is a hoot!

To Catch a Thief

Perhaps the most fabulous bonus round occurs when you get three or more paintings. You will be taken to a second screen where you will find yourself inside the Louvre. You will be asked to choose among three items you think the thief will try to steal. After you make your choice, the thief will appear and try to steal the chosen item. But he will not be successful as Jerome will chase him away and you will be awarded a grand prize. Each item's prize amount is as valuable as the item.

Spin A Night in Paris Mobile

The superb features, the astounding graphics and those brilliant animations can all be seen on your iOS or Android mobile device when you take to the 5 reels of A Night in Paris mobile slots. Fully optimized for smartphones and tablets, A Night in Paris mobile will run like a dream on your handheld device as the Betsoft developers have really gone to town in making sure that this mobile slot is more than up to the mark. So many US slots players are now checking out the action that's delivered by the best mobile slots and A Night in Paris ranks as one of the very best, providing a cinematic slots experience directly to your small screen.

Play A Night in Paris

Ah, Paris! Whether the Spring, Summer, or any time of the year - there is no where on earth I would rather be. Except of course, online at the Drake Casino playing A Night in Paris!