Bonkers Slots

Bonkers is a classic video slot that you'll find under the Three Reel section of your favorite online casino. This is one of our most highly recommended old school slots, not just because it's massively entertaining to play, but because it's something of a technical achievement. Bonkers manages to combine everything that's good about old school video slots with some of the best features of newer 5 reel slots, without ever losing sight of its roots or becoming overly glitzy. It gets its name from the completely insane free spins feature that's built in.

We can only say that you have to try this one for yourself - download Bonkers Slots free today - to see what we mean.

How to Go Bonkers

Packed with features as it is, this game still plays as easily as you'd expect from a classic three reel. However, for the uninitiated, here's a crash course. You're looking at three reels covered in symbols, with a center pay line that runs across all three. You place a bet of between 1 and 3 coins, and spin the reels. You're aiming for matching symbols to line up across the pay line when the reels come to a halt. If they do, you're in the money.

Crazy Symbols

Most of the symbols used in Bonkers are derived from classic the classic video slot games of yore - with one exception: the Bonkers logo itself. The symbol pays out even when only one of it lands on the line. The rest of the symbol set comprises single Bars, double Bars, and triple Bars. Highest payout are for three of a kind, but the game will also pay out on mixed Bars. The set is rounded out with most valuable symbol in the game: the red Seven, which pays the top jackpot of up to 1,200 coins (potentially $6,000 on maximum bet).

Bonkers Bonus Bonanza

Bonkers has a free spins bonus round that get is triggered whenever at least two Bonkers logos land on the pay line. Two Bonkers logos gets you three free spins, but three of a kind will earn you ten! During the free spins bonus rounds, some of the reels will actually run backward, which is where the game gets its name from. A good winning strategy for Bonkers is to play 3 coins. If you check out the pay table, you'll notice that in most cases, the prize money versus single coin play is tripled on 3 coins, but the top jackpot actually pays out 6 times as much, making it more than worth your while.