Comparing Online Casinos for US Players

Having reviewed online casinos for the past seven years, I have come to the conclusion that I simply cannot take two of the top casinos or even to software brands and compare them as it would be akin to comparing apples and oranges. Another reason why this would be a difficult task is that so much has changed in the last seven years regarding online gambling, and it continues to evolve. When I first started my reviews, Odds On Technology was the number one software brand for US players. Then the UIGEA Law kicked in and many of the best online casinos and software brands left the US market. Fortunately, RTG and Rival remained but they too had undergone changes as well.

Wager Technology Comes to the Rescue

After online players got over the shock of losing their favorite online casinos, along came Wager Technology, and with it some of the newest and best online casinos. On the face of it, Wager Technology seemed familiar. That’s because it was the definitive replacement for Odds On in every way. Thus, making a comparison between Odds On and Wager Technologies would serve no purpose as they proved to be one and the same.

Real Time Gaming and Rival

While the tumult over losing precious Online Casinos for US Players was abating, Real Time Gaming and Rival Casinos were still available and, in fact, were growing in number. Today, we have a healthy mix of several casino brands that US players can go to. But, comparisons still cannot be made for one reason: not all US players can access every online casino. For example, Microgaming is not open to us as are many other online casinos in this ilk. To truly compare and contrast online casinos today, all have to be available to all online players in the US. While comparisons can be made by our European counterparts due to the fact that they have a myriad of online casinos at their fingertips, US players are not as fortunate. Thus, US players can only choose those online casinos available to them, depending upon where they live and if their state sanctions online gambling.

Rather than Comparing and Contrasting…..

It seems to this observer that one should look at all online casino options and choose those that offer the most in promotions, bonuses, casino games, and mobile capabilities. Putting comparisons aside, selecting the best is the only alternative given the limited number of online casinos open to Americans. Unlike our European counterparts, we do not have the luxury of accessing every online casino. So we have to make the best with what we have. And we do have some of the best at this writing. Sunshine Slots offers full reviews on the top ten online casinos for US players as well as non-US casinos.

The Future of Online Gambling

As of this writing, many US state legislators are having an important dialogue about the effectiveness of legalizing online gambling. Many states are beginning to see the writing on the wall and taking on this issue for many reasons, one of which is the economy. Other states are vehement in their steadfast claims that online gambling can come to no good for anyone. Simultaneously, the Senate and Congress are also grappling with this issue and seem to be leaning towards overturning the UIGEA Law. If and when this happens, then all online casinos will be open to US players, and one can genuinely make the necessary comparisons in a legitimate and honest fashion. But until then, to make any comparison is akin to picking the short straw.

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