Lately, many American poker players made a move to ePassporte. What are the reasons? What are the ePassporte poker rooms for US players? Can US VIP poker players to deposit with ePassporte?

ePassporte is ideal for playing poker

You may be just starting to play poker, practicing here and there in the free game mode. In this case this article can hardly help you. If you are serious about the poker and if you want to concentrate on playing poker for real money and get rid of all the deposit rejections, you are at the right place.

We are confident that ePassporte has all the chances to be the leading depositing method for Americans. Why? Because ePassporte combines all the advantages of the credit cards and electronic wallets:

  • ePassporte is really easy to use. If you once paid by credit card, you'll find your ePassporte experience extremely similar.
  • ePassporte allows you to keep anonymity. Needless to say there are situations when you prefer not to make it public. With ePassporte your statements are instant and password protected
  • ePassporte allows you to shop online safely and securely
  • You won? Congratulations! With ePassporte you can transfer your winnings directly to your bank account

US friendly Poker Rooms accepting ePassporte

We've checked 27 biggest poker rooms, checking ePassporte availability for USA residents, simulated ePassporte related problem and applied to the support, asking for help. First of all, many of them do not work with ePassporte at all, others just started and don't exactly know how to deal with it.

ePassporte Casino

Unfortunately there is no casino accepting ePassporte as depositing method. According to the support centers information, online casinos cannot make use of ePassporte because of the internal bank code, assigned to ePassporte that makes ePassporte transactions "bad". While nobody could explain why it is so, the fact is there is no single ePassporte Casino. We'll be glad to inform you if situation will be changed, so feel free to email us. Meantime you may be interested in

ePassporte alternatives for online casino depositing


Happy gambling!