Frog Hunter

In the realm of amphibian theme-based slots, a new slot game has just been released that is so much fun to play and incorporates not only classic symbols, but symbols that may invoke a fairy tale about a certain frog. What is most unique about Frog Hunter Slots is that winning lines pay left to right and right to left. In addition, the graphics are beautifully rendered and encompass the entire computer monitor screen so that you can thoroughly enjoy this game both on your PC or internet enabled TV as well.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 5-payline bonus video slot, Frog Hunter Slots has coin denominations ranging from two cents to $1, making this an ideal slot for beginners as well as seasoned players. The max bet is $195, but don't let that stop you from playing with smaller coin denominations that also ensure lucrative payouts. We highly recommend you read the pay table as it contains an explanation of the bonus features.

The Princess is a Frog!

The symbols in Frog Hunter Slots are absolutely adorable and include: A female frog, male frog, female and male frog, alligator, dragonfly, water lily, watermelon, plum, lemon, and cherries.

Double or Triple Your Bet Optional

When you get three or more cherry symbols, the triple and double boxes located to the left of the Spin Button will light up. This is your chance to increase your winnings. Here's how it works. For example: click on triple and three cherries will appear on the screen. You have to choose one. Be careful however, as two will be a red x, while the third will be a dollar amount. Note that the amount won is based on the number of symbols you get. So that three symbols yield 9 coins, while 5 symbols win you 300 coins.

Bonus Features

When the dragonfly appears to the right of the male frog or to the left of the female frog, your wins are tripled and doubled, respectively. When three or more water lilies pads appear on adjacent reels, the object is to assist the frogs across the pond by click on the lily pads. The frog will only jump on the lily pads directly in his path. Warning: when you pass the middle row of the lily pads, the crocodile may pop up and end the bonus game.

Win Ranges for Each Step Taken

When it is the frog's turn to jump across the lily pads, you will be awarded thusly: Cross 3 lily pads and win 2-10xs total bet per jump; 4 lily pads and win 5-20xs total bet per jump; and 5 lily pads yields 10-20xs total bet per jump. Hint: You may have played a version of this game as a Club Pogo Member. The game is called Greenback Bayou.

Play Frog Hunter Slots

We invite you to play Frog Hunter Slots at our recommended casino as it is a joy to play, offers plenty of chances to increase your winnings, and is high on the fun factor as well.