I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots

Science and computer-minded players loves to play the sci-fi themed I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots. Designed by Real Time Gaming, the five-reel progressive I.R.I.S (Interactive Real Intelligence Slot) operates differently to the standard slot game.

Fans of sci-fi video games like Doom or Bio Shock will find the space-aged sound effects to be similar. While the images tend to be very straight forward, whirring machinery and robotic warnings fit the game perfectly.

Basics to Game Play

It appears that a lock down is in place. Locked doors hide the game's important symbols: Gold bars, green or yellow radiation symbols, red flames and yellow caution signs Those are the only symbols you'll see.

Realistically, I.R.I.S. 3000 goes beyond a five-slot reel. The screen shows seven reels at the start making you wonder what's going on. There really are seven-reels but you must close two or opt to have the computer randomly close two for you before the reel spins. As the reel spins, laser beams activate and quickly run across the row of doors. When the reel stops, watch where the laser beam stops. You want it to stop over one of your two closed doors.

Close Two Doors to Begin

Unlike most slots where the reel is open, game play for I.R.I.S. 3000 shakes things up. Before you are seven numbered doors. Bet with coins (worth 50 cents) up to a max bet of three coins. You need to bet at least two coins to activate the laser beams. Once your bet is placed, close two doors and the computer system gets to work.

Sound effects fit the sci-fi theme incredibly well. A computerized voice stating "warning," the sound of mechanical doors open and closing and the low hum of machinery at work are present throughout the slot game.

Laser Beams Open Doors for You

During game play, laser beams can stop above a closed door. Cross your fingers that it stops over one of your closed doors. If that happens, the additional door opens leading you towards larger prizes. If you get all seven reels to open, the multiplier wheel appears. Suddenly your earnings have the potential of increasing by as much as ten, leading to larger jackpots. To win the progressive jackpot, get the 10x multiplier and five hazard symbols.

Generous Cash Prizes Await

To win at I.R.I.S. 3000 you need lady luck on your side, but winnings are substantial in this progressive slot. Many online casinos ( we recommend SlotoCash Casino) set the progressive jackpot at well over $50,000.