Knights Conquest Slots

Upon first glance of the slot game Knights Conquest Slots, you may think that it isn't so special. But once you start playing this slot game at Bookmaker Casino, you will change your mind very quickly. Brilliantly simplistic in its format, this is a very lucrative slot game with a surprise bonus game that will take you back to your childhood. We highly recommend you play Knights Conquest Slots as you will be as surprised and delighted as we were.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 9-payline bonus video slot, Knights Conquest Slots has so much going for it that it will amaze you. For one thing, there are three coin sizes - 25¢, 50¢, and $1, with a max bet of $9 per spin. For another, although the symbols are rudimentary, when they appear in a winning combination they come alive in a most unique manner. The symbols include: Ax, Sword, Lady, Knight, Horn, Castle, Fiery Dragon, Knight on Horse, Knight's Conquest Logo, and Horse. The Knights Conquest Logo is the wild symbol and the Horse, when appearing three or more times, will take you to a bonus round like no other.

Chutes and Ladders

If you remember this game as a child, Knights Conquest Slots will take you back to those fondest memories. When three or more Horse symbols appear, a second screen will open up revealing a board game. In the right hand corner of the screen you will see one die. Click on the die and the number that comes up will move you to a space on the board. Now at the end of the board is the castle wherein the Princess resides. In order to save her, you have to reach her via the bonus game. With each bonus game you play, you will move closer to the castle. But beware, as there are traps along the way. You will know where you left off on the road to the castle by the number appearing in the Bonus Box on the slot machine located in the left hand corner.

Play Knights Conquest Slots

Combining a board game with a slot game is utterly brilliant, and we highly recommend you play Knights Conquest Slots for its sheer imagination, creativity, lucrative value, and because it's just a fabulous and fun game to play.